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A man, his mother, and his dog.
My wife woke me up two minutes before the alarm was set to go off. The dog was acting strange. I had to come see it. The alarm went off. She had never seen anything like it. I pulled on some shorts and followed her out to the back of my mother's house.

My mother died wheezing out her last breaths lying on her couch. When I got there I noticed that the TV was on too loud before I noticed she was dead. My wife said it was sad and I said I thought it was more than that.

"That is the scariest thing I have ever seen," she said. It probably was. She was a nice person and nice people don't see a lot of things. The dog was wobbling around like it was drunk unable to stand straight. It'd be funny except that we both knew how old it was getting. The dog dropped its head into the ground.

"Don't do anything to her. Just take her to the vet and see what's wrong." So I did. He liked to talk a lot. I didn't mind except today I just needed know what was wrong. He didn’t know. Maybe a neurological thing maybe nothing but he leaned toward neurological.

On my way home, I carried it out to a brook where it used to chase minnows but now just sat and watched them. The divide between the moment when it was looking at the minnows and falling into the water with my bullet lodged in its head was almost indistinguishable like when you cross your eyes and hold up your hands and it looks one hand. While she flowed down the water her legs splashed around and the minnows tried to keep clear. She didn't say goodbye.
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