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Vanessa Grayson is a lovely actress stalked by an older woman who wants to make her hers.
Get Lost!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1: You, Me, & Lucy

Jordin Fetcher stood in the rain holding an umbrella, standing outside the suite the famous model/actress Vanessa Grayson was staying in to take a break from it all until she starts filming her new film Songbird, such a lovely voice on a beautiful woman.  Jordin Fetcher was lucky enough to be the woman dating her.

         A large white limousine pulled up to the suite, and out stepped Vanessa Grayson, a beautiful Filipino with a gorgeous mane of black glossy hair, luscious legs, an hour glass figure, and pacific blue eyes. She was a beautiful angel.

         Jordin waved at her. “Vanessa, how was your day, my precious flower?”

         Vanessa glared at her. “Get out of here, Jordin!” She yelled. “Your not suppose to be within a hundred miles near me, remember? Do I have to call the police and let them know you violated my restraining order?”

         Jordin just smiled. “I love you, to, baby face, I'll see you tomorrow.”

         Jordin walked down the street in the pouring rain, but turned around to watch Vanessa's bodyguard escort her in the building, she held a bit of her long dress in one hand so she could walk and an umbrella in the other.

         Jordin grinned at her backside before hurrying home to her flat.

         At the kitchen table sat a life-size doll that looked just like Vanessa Grayson, wearing designer jeans, heels, and a black long sleeve top.

“Honey,  I went to go see if you made it home safely and you seemed stressed and yelled at me, so I left you alone, but you seem better now,” Jordin Said, speaking to it.

         She kissed it on the lips. “I love you, Vanessa.” She waited to see if the doll would say anything. “It's okay, baby, I know you love me to.”

         She looked at the pot on the stove. “I see you made ramen noodles for dinner.”

         She fixed two bowls of ramen noodles for her and Vanessa, and two cups of milk.

“Are you not hungry or did you eat without me again?” She laughed. “More for me then.”


“That woman is insane,” Said Vanessa to her girlfriend Lucy Cook.

“Oh, honey, I'm sure there is nothing to worry about,” Lucy replied, sitting on the couch.

“You don't understand, Lucy, stalkers get dangerous. I don't want you on any part of these streets with that lunatic running around without a bodyguard-two bodyguards just to make sure your safe.”

         Lucy threw her arms around Vanessa and kissed her. “Relax , sweetie, your so tense.”

“How can I not be? That's the seventh time this week that bitch has stood outside waiting for me.”

         She sat Vanessa down on the couch and rubbed her shoulders, kissing her neck. “Just relax, baby, and rest. You had a long day today.”

         Vanessa sighed a heavy sigh. “The photo shoot was exhausting.”

         She closed her eyes. “Baby, get me a cigarette and some wine.”

         Lucy fetched her a cigarette and poured her a glass of white wine to drink. Vanessa lit the cigarette and took one puff before putting the glass to her lips and drinking the wine.

“Maybe I should cut my hair off to get her to leave me alone. She might find me unattractive.”

         A frown appeared on Lucy's pretty face. “But your hair is your trademark, it brings out your eyes.”

         Vanessa took another puff and just stared into Lucy's evergreen eyes. “Goldilocks,” She said, using her sex slave nickname. “Pull down your panties, I want to eat you out.”

“Yes, Master,” She said seductively, pulling her pants and panties off, and throwing them on the floor.

         Vanessa chugged down the rest of the wine and pushed Lucy down on the couch and spread her legs open to reveal her pretty pink pussy. She flicked the ashes off into the ashtray, took another puff, and handed it to Lucy to finish smoking it. She dove in between her legs and began licking her up and down, making her moan.


         Around seven o’ clock Jordin heated up a bag of popcorn and poured it into a bowl, then grabbed a can of Arizona green tea out of the fridge. She glared at the clock.

“Oh, it’s time to watch your movie Strawberry Letter,” She said, setting the bowl of popcorn and tea on the coffee table and grinning at the Vanessa doll, who now sat on the couch. She turned on the television and turned to the movie Strawberry Letter.

         The movie ended around eleven o'clock and she and mini Vanessa went to bed. An hour later she awakened to go to her shrine of Vanessa and pleasure herself to the cut out pictures of her and photos she took, and hung on the wall into a collage. When she finished she called Vanessa up, and her eyes widened when she heard another woman's voice on the phone that was not Vanessa.

“Who is this?” She asked bitterly. “Where's Vanessa? Isn't this her number?”

“Yes, it is. I'm her girlfriend Lucy.”

         She laughed. “Vanessa doesn't have a girlfriend.”

“Vanessa doesn't want the paparazzi bothering me, so she kept our relationship private.”

         Jordin scowled. “What did you say your name was again?”

“Lucy, Lucy Cook.”

“The porn star?”

         Lucy giggled. “I'm retired. After I met Vanessa I decided to turn over a new leaf and now I'm a Victoria Secret model.”

         He sanctuary suddenly went from blissful to a nightmare, as she stood up and put her silk robe on to cover up her naked body.

“Can you call back in the morning? It's really late and Vanessa is very tired.”

“Yes, of course, my apologies. Sorry to bother you at this unholy hour.”

“It's all right.” She giggled again. “If anyone should be sorry it should be me, I love to talk way too much.”

“Goodbye, Lucy.”

“Goodbye, uh…what's your name?”

“Paula, Paula Rudd.”

“Goodbye Paula.”


         Jordin stormed off towards her room and shook mini Vanessa, as if she would come alive. She smacked it a couple of times.

“You, bitch!” She screamed. “How dare you cheat on me with a whore!”  She grabbed a knife from the inside of her top dresser. “You must be punished!” She whispered.

         Looking into its eyes made her drop the knife and she broke down crying.

         When she stopped crying she put the knife away and kissed mini Vanessa's head.

“Oh, sweet cheeks, I can't stay mad at you.” She smiled, the light reached her eyes, gleaming in the dark room. “I forgive you.”

         It was now 12:45 a.m. and instead of going to bed, Jordin looked up Lucy Cook on Google and just stared at a picture of her in blue lingerie; her long blond golden hair laying on her shoulders, nicely framing her face and making her evergreen eyes pop out.

         She then went to the mirror and stared at her lifeless black hair streaked with gray, worn down by age and malaise, and her dull gray eyes, crow's feet, and pale pink lips that could use some color.

         She cried again for the years of young youth she once had-now thirty-nine, close to forty. She touched a picture of Vanessa tucked in the corner of her bathroom mirror.

“Will be together soon enough, my love, once I get rid of the problem.”


Jordin sat in her car watching Vanessa's suite until she saw Lucy come outside in a lovely gray dress and black boots with pink lipstick on. Vanessa came running out behind her.

“Lucy, wait!” She screamed.


“I told you to never go anywhere without bodyguards to protect you.”

         Lucy smiled. “Baby, I'll be fine.” She pecked her on the lips.

         She shook her head. “I'm not taking any chances.”

         Tow big, buff bodyguards wearing black suits and shades came outside.

“Make sure she gets to her destination safely, Jim and Boris.”

         They nodded. “Yes, Miss Grayson.” They said in union.

“Thank you.” She kissed Lucy's forehead. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”


         With her being escorted by bodyguards it would be hard to get close to her and stab her. There's only one way to kill her now. Time to make us of the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”
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