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Rejected RAH letter for WD due to someone already doing one in the past.
Dear Mrs. Rowling:

I just received your manuscript for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I am always excited to pick up a new book about the mysteries of magic but I am afraid to say your story will not be disappearing off the shelves. One would hope the manuscript would disappear altogether.

I must question whether a child of eleven would find it alright to carry on a conversation with, and much worse leave with, a giant disheveled man who breaks into a home and disarms the homeowner before promising the young boy sweets and showing him magic tricks. I personally would not want my children thinking this is alright behavior and I am ashamed to find you do.

As a Muggle I am also insulted to see the high amounts of racism strewn across the pages. Once you get past the derogatory term Muggle you are faced with obvious discrimination between the houses Slytherin and Gryffindor. I really must question what kind of spell you are trying to cast upon our children.

Though I always appreciate the hard work and dedication of new authors, even if they may be misguided, you will not be conjuring up a book deal with us.

Thank you for your manuscript and I look forward to using it to teach my children the rule of “Stranger Danger”.

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