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Exploring the roller-coaster of teenage love.
From the horrible sinking, disappointing sensation to the highest highs on the roller coaster ride of teenage love, almost every teen can vouch for having experienced them all.
Love. A simple four letter word, often confused with infatuations, crushes, limerences and a plethora of other words and phrases, ultimately all amount to the same thing. A kind of confused, irrational magnetic attraction felt towards someone. Difficult to verbally explain, even harder to put into words without sounding like a blithering, star struck idiot. Slowly and surely, astounded by the scope of power someone has over you, one ignored text could fling you into the depths of moodiness and a simple smile could lift you to the top of the world. Always feeling like no one can understand the extent of your feelings is a given. The filling feeling of insecurity, the need to be assured of requited love and the want to feel needed is all a part of the ride. All the same, an adolescent innocence and sincerity belies the confusion that surrounds teen love. The feeling of falling hard for someone and having absolutely no control over it. The readiness to risk hurting yourself, getting out of your comfort zone to share a part of you with someone else. The pure happiness and simple joy achieved by interacting with another, is on its own, beautiful. The satisfaction of being understood by someone, of having someone to make mistakes with and the safety of falling down, knowing someone will help you up; is what keeps the roller coaster turning.
Amidst the confusion, uncertainty, heartbreaks and tears; there is joy, understanding and innocence. Making mistakes while exploring new territory, getting hurt, falling down and having to smile through it all is exemplified in the quote, 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. Teen love adds another dimension to the all too frenzied transition of adolescents to adults. At the end of it all, the realization strikes you, that it was all worth it. From every tear, to every kiss, the roller coaster of love is worth the ride.
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