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a feeding, fattening story
The Woman Next Door

Jeff was new in town and didn’t know anyone.  He had bought a nice house in a nice neighborhood hoping to make big changes in his life.  The past few years had been pretty rough for him and he was looking to start over someplace new.  Jeff has a good paying job that allows him to work at home which was the beginning of his problems.  Since starting his job 3 years ago, Jeff had gained a considerable amount of weight.  He went from a svelte 135 lbs to the pot bellied 275 lb man he is today.  This weight gain caused him plenty of trouble, especially with his love life.  His girlfriend of 5 years ended up dumping him when he gained 20 lbs, stating that she was no longer attracted to him.  This was something unusual considering Jeff is a FA feeder and liked his ladies big.  When he met his girlfriend she was 160lbs and over the course of their relationship she grew to 420lbs.  He dated a few others after she left him but all ended the same.  They dumped him because of his weight.  How ironic he thought to himself. 

It was really no surprise to him that he gained weight.  He never worked out and working at home allowed him to snack all day long.  When he first noticed the weight gain he was embarrassed.  His clothes were too small for him and his belly would peak out from under his tight shirts.  He thought of doing something about it but that was all he did.  By the time he was up 50lbs, Jeff realized that he liked being fat.  He liked how the weight felt on him, how he felt more substantial, more sensual.  He also liked that he seemed to be carrying most of the weight in his gut.  Jeff thinks back while staring at himself in a mirror about watching male relatives who had considerable guts on them when he was little and how impressive they seemed to him.  Back then he wished he could have a gut like that someday and it appears his wish was coming true.  One thing he didn’t count on with having such a big gut was how arousing it was to him.  The simple touch or caress of his rounded belly would make him stiffen almost instantly.  He became a glutton for food and loved the feeling he got when full of it, stuffed with it but he was still missing something.  He longed to find that one woman who not only liked food and gaining as much as he did but who was also looking for a man of his stature.  A woman that liked her men big and the bigger the better.

Jeff moved into his new place during the last week in October.  There was a big attraction surrounding his moving in.  Several neighbors had come out to get a glimpse of the new guy, to see if he would fit in with the neighborhood or not.  One of them, although not as intrusive as the others, was his next door neighbor.  Pam was a sizable woman standing at 5’5” and weighing 260lbs, the kind of woman Jeff gravitated towards.  He couldn’t help but notice her as she sat at her patio table eating donuts and drinking cider.  He imagined himself feeding her those donuts and watching her belly get bigger.  It was a thought that turned him on greatly.  Regardless he figured that she wouldn’t be interested in him.  Little did know that with one look at her new neighbor Pam knew that she would enjoy living next to him.  At one point she waved to him and he waved back, a good start they both thought. 

A couple days later Jeff receives a knock on his door.  He opens it and finds Pam there.

‘Hi, my name is Pam and I am you’re next door neighbor.  Thought I’d introduce myself and welcome you to the neighborhood,’ she says while holding out a plate of cookies.

‘Hi, I’m Jeff,’ he said taking the plate from her.

‘Do you still have a lot of unpacking to do?’ she inquired, ‘I bet you haven’t had time for a break and are hungry for a good home cooked meal.’

‘Yeah, I’m still unpacking and a good meal would be nice.  I’ve just been eating take out but could use a hearty meal,’ he says while patting his stomach without realizing what he was doing.

‘I can see you’re a man who appreciates food,’ she remarks.  ‘Well, I could make you dinner tomorrow night if that’s ok with you.  I know it’s Halloween and all but I don’t have any plans and there hasn’t been any children on the street for a few years now so we won’t be interrupted with trick or treaters,’ Pam replied.

‘Oh sure, that sounds wonderful.  Would you like me to bring anything?’ Jeff asks thinking of a nice wine or maybe dessert.

‘No, I’ve got everything; just bring your Halloween spirit with you,’ Pam says smiling.  ‘See you tomorrow night then.’

‘Yep, tomorrow night,’ he says as he closes the door and Pam walks away.  ‘Halloween spirit huh?  Whatever could she mean by that?’  He wonders out loud to himself.

The next night, Jeff is standing on Pam’s porch in front of her door trying to will himself to ring the bell.  He’s happy for the chance to get to know Pam better but he is afraid that he will be rejected again.  Then just as he brings his finger up to push the doorbell the door flies open.

‘Hi Jeff, I was just coming to look for you.  I thought you somehow got lost between your house and mine,’ Pam says with a chuckle.  ‘Happy Halloween! I’ve got plenty of treats so come on in, don’t be shy,’ she said toyingly as she motions Jeff to come in.

Jeff was shocked to see Pam when she opened the door for she was wearing a costume.  She appeared to be dressed as a farm girl which left little to the imagination.  She wore a red gingham button down shirt which she had tied up to just below her breasts leaving her stomach out for the whole world to see.  She had on a pair of blue daisy duke shorts which weren’t covering much of anything, in fact her belly hung over them so far it seemed like she wasn’t wearing them at all until she turned around that is.  A rope belt was snaked through the loop holes but appeared to be purely decorative.  Her medium length wavy brown hair was done up in pigtails and she added freckles to her face.  To complete the look she wore a cowboy hat and a pair of boots.  Jeff found the costume to be very erotic and wanted Pam very badly.

‘Uh Pam, I’m sorry but I didn’t realize that you meant for me to wear a costume.  I seem to be a bit under dressed for the occasion,’ Jeff said apologetically after regaining his composure.

‘That’s alright sweetie, I didn’t expect you to be wearing one.  When I invited you tonight I had all the details worked out.  I have a costume that goes with this one.  You can change into that and then we can have dinner.’

Pam headed off into the other room and came back shortly carrying a costume that was all pink.  She handed it to Jeff and showed him wear the bathroom was.  He politely excused himself and went to put on the costume.  Upon closer examination he found it to be somewhat like sleeper pajamas, you know the old one piece pj’s with the butt flap and the footies.  Although this had a couple additions to it, it had mittens at the end of the sleeves that you could remove to use your hands and it had some kind of a hood.  He was surprised with how well it seemed to fit him and wondered if Pam really just happened to have this lying around.  It was a tad big on him but he enjoyed the less constraining feeling he felt as opposed to what he felt wearing his regular clothes. When Jeff turned around to see what he looked like, he was horrified to see that he was wearing a pig costume. 

Could she be making fun of me? He thought.  If so, I’m not off to a great start.  I’d be better off dressed as a sheep and Pam as little Bo Peep.  This thought aroused Jeff again thinking of the skimpy outfit she’d be wearing then.

As Jeff came out of the bathroom, Pam called out to him that she hoped he was hungry because dinner was ready.  His belly grumbled telling him that he was indeed hungry, hell, he was more like famished.  As he headed to the living room the smells of dinner were making him drool.  When he came around the corner he saw a huge spread sitting there on the table.  There was enough food to feed a family of 6 and he mentally noted to not make a pig of himself. ‘Pun not intended’, he chuckled to himself.

Pam showed Jeff where to sit and fixed him a plate.  She piled it high with food and he couldn’t believe how much she had given him.  He wanted to say something about the amount but didn’t want to be rude.  Then she fixed her own plate with just as much on it and Jeff felt more at ease.

‘Hope you don’t mind the costume,’ she said.

‘I was a bit surprised but figured there are worse things to be when wearing the second half to a couples costume,’ he admitted while thinking of being the ass end of a horse.

‘You are half right about that.  I hope you enjoy the food; I fixed a bit more than I usually do.  If your belly is any indication of your appetite I wanted to make sure there was enough for both of us.’

‘Oh…uhm….yeah…well….I…’ Jeff stammered.

‘Oh sweetie, don’t be embarrassed, you’re in good company,’ she says while slapping her own exposed belly.  ‘I have a good appetite myself, in case you didn’t notice.  Dig in and eat your fill.’

‘Thanks,’ he said and starts eating, ‘I just haven’t had many positive experiences with women when it comes to my size,’ he continues to explain.  ‘It’s kind of ironic really.’

‘Oh? Why is that?’ Pam asks.

‘Well, I happen to be a feeder and I like larger women so when I started gaining weight I found that women didn’t like me much anymore.’

‘I see,’ she responded.  ‘I happen to be the kind of woman that likes a nice belly on a guy and have always wanted to help fatten one up,’ she remarked.

When Jeff heard this he stopped eating and stared at Pam.  Could he have heard her correctly?  Was he dreaming?  Pam just sat there across from him eating.  Then she got the feeling that someone was watching her.  She looked up to see him staring at her with his hand hanging there half way from the plate to his mouth with a forkful of food.

‘I’m sorry,’ she said trying not to laugh ‘did I make you uncomfortable?’

He returns the fork to his plate and says, ‘Oh, no, on the contrary, I liked what I heard; I just can’t believe I heard it.  I have been looking for a girl with your attitude for a while now.’

‘I too have been looking for a particular type of guy Jeff and I feel that you may be what I am looking for.’  She pauses as though trying to decide to say something or not then says, ‘Forgive me if I am to forward, having just met you and all, but would you like to be my piggy?’ she asks.  ‘I would love to feed you and fatten you up.’

Jeff was unable to hold back his enthusiasm about what he just heard Pam say and practically blurted out, ‘Yes, yes Pam, please feed me, I want to be your piggy, I want to be so fat for you.’

‘I have one condition,’ she added.  ‘You have to eat what I say, when I say and how much I say. Can you handle that?’

Jeff didn’t even pause to think about it and answered, ‘Hell yes!’

‘Then let’s start tonight since you seem to be dressed for the part,’ she said with a smirk.  ‘You need to eat everything left on the table after I finish eating.  Better eat up; you still have a lot of food left on your plate there.’

Without hesitation Jeff dug in with gusto.  He couldn’t believe this was happening.  A woman was going to fatten him up like a prize pig.  His hunger seemed to be taking control now and he was extremely aroused.  He quickly ate all the food on his plate and grabbed for seconds.  He could feel his belly getting tighter, feel his cock throbbing.  Pam was finished with her plate when Jeff was halfway through his second.  She watched him eat for a while, amazed at how much he was packing away.  Then she got up and walked over to him. 

As Jeff was finishing up his second plate he started showing signs of slowing.  He sat back in his chair and relaxed for a moment and rubbed his belly.  His belly was sticking out a bit more now and the costume felt tighter on him. Then Pam reached down and started to rub his belly.  It felt so good, he had never had a woman rub his belly and it seemed to revitalize him.

‘You sit right there my piggy and I will get you more to eat,’ Pam said with a smile.

Jeff did as he was told and waited for her to gather more food onto his plate.  Then Pam got up and sat on top of the table in front of him and she held the plate up to his face.  He started to reach with his hands when Pam stopped him.

‘Huh uh,’ she said, ‘Piggies don’t eat with their hands, do they?’  Jeff shook his head while giving her a confused look.  Pam placed the plate on the table and took one of his hands.  She then took the mitten part that wasn’t covering his hand and placed it over it.  He didn’t notice it before but they had straps on them so that they could be securely tied in place.  Pam then did the same for the other hand and now Jeff had limited use of both his hands.  The best he could do with them in this configuration was to rub his belly and that was just fine with him.

Pam picked up the plate again and held the plate up for him.  Jeff looked at her questioningly, she nodded her head and with that he plunged his face into the plate of food.  He ate more slowly now, partly because it was hard to breathe through a pile of food.  Eating this way slowed him down enough to finish all the food without too much discomfort.  When he was done with that plate Pam busied herself with filling it once more with the remaining food.  Jeff sat back in the chair, closed his eyes and waited.  His hands went to his gut which was even bigger now and the costume was becoming quite constraining.  In fact his belly was so big now that it was starting to strain the fabric of the costume.  Being this full was a tad painful but the intense arousal he was also feeling blocked the pain out.

He was brought out of his stupor when Pam said to him, ‘It looks like my piggy hasn’t had enough to eat yet’, as she held the plate waiting for him to dig in.  He opened his eyes and moaned in pleasure and pain.  He tried to sit upright again but found that to be more difficult now and resigned himself to sitting back in the chair.  Pam didn’t seem to mind, she pulled his chair closer to her on the table.  He was so close to her now that it seemed as though she was sitting in his lap.  She held the plate up for him, he took a deep breath and dug in.

When Jeff finally finished all the food he sat in the chair heaving for breath.  He tried in vain to ease the pain emanating from his gut.  He was shocked when his hands, navigating over it, brought to reality just how big he had gotten.  His belly was stuffed, more than stuffed.  He had never felt so stuffed in his life and he loved it.  Jeff’s belly was noticeably larger now even under the pig costume’s stuffed belly and it was stretching the fabric to its limits.  If it had been a t-shirt, it would have ridden up his belly exposing it for all to see what a pig he made of himself. 

Pam was breathing just as heavily from her arousal.  Watching him eat and imagining him getting bigger for her was a huge turn on.  She reached down and rubbed her piggy’s belly.  It was so tight and firm and she hoped that he would continue to grow this way.  She rubbed his belly for about 20 minutes then stopped and looked up at him.

‘Jeff’, she called to get his attention for he had closed his eyes while she rubbed his belly.  ‘It’s time for dessert.’

His eyes flew open, he hadn’t thought about dessert.  He was so full, he couldn’t possibly eat more.  He opened his mouth to say as much when Pam put a finger over his mouth.

‘You better not be opening that mouth to complain to me, my piggy or have you forgotten the rules?’ she said admonishingly.

Then Jeff remember what he agreed to, “what, when and how much”, that was the rule.  He let out a sigh but patted his tummy with a gluttonous behavior.  Pam smiled and went into the kitchen.  She came back with the biggest pumpkin pie he had ever seen that had a slice missing; obviously her share of dessert and the rest was for her piggy.

She came over to Jeff and waved the pie under his nose, tempting him.  Then she put a hand on his belly and applied some pressure.  Jeff didn’t grimace right away so she knew that he had room.  Again she sat upon the table and held the pie out for Jeff to eat.  The smell of the pie had stimulated his appetite and he found he was hungry again.  He plunged his face into the pie and started eating.  Even though he felt hungry he was still slow in eating the pie.  Pam’s legs hung down from the table straddling his engorged belly and after a few bites she could feel it pressing into them.  This put a huge smile on her face.

As Jeff continued to eat, his belly grew bigger and bigger.  Soon Pam could hear some tearing noises below the sounds of Jeff’s eating.  It was the costume’s stitching giving way from the pressure, along both the left and right sides of the costume were now 2 open vertical slits and Jeff wasn’t done eating.  She could have sworn she heard a sigh of relief come from him when the costume tore. 

His belly was big enough now to be pushing her legs wide open and it felt so hard and warm between them.  She could feel it getting bigger with every bite he took and this increased her arousal.  She closed her eyes and lost herself in her own thoughts and imagination.  She pictured Jeff with a huge, round ball of a belly.  It was so big it commanded the room before he actually entered it.  When down on all fours, as a good piggy should be, his gut was so enormous that it grazed the floor.  This was her dream man, her prize piggy and with her help and Jeff’s obedience she would have him.

She was brought back to reality when she almost lost hold of the plate.  She looked down at Jeff and saw that he was licking the plate clean. 

She smiled and said to him, ‘What a good piggy you are, licking the plate clean but I think you’ve had enough to eat for now.’

Jeff sat in his chair put his hands on either side of his belly and let out an oink.  Yes, that’s right, they both couldn’t believe it but he 'oink'ed.  Pam set the plate down beside her on the table and then carefully got down so as not to disturb her piggy’s belly.  She pushed the table away so that she could get on her knees and rub Jeff’s gut from the front.  She couldn’t believe how much he had eaten.  Jeff was so exhausted and stuffed from eating that all he could do was sit there.  His hands were on his belly but he had no strength to rub it.  Breathing was difficult for him and his gut rose and fell with each breath causing continued discomfort.  Pam rubbed and massaged his belly for a long time until he seemed to be asleep in the chair. 

While rubbing his gut she couldn’t help but notice that another part of him was as hard if not harder than his belly.  Pam was overjoyed to find this out for she could use his sexual arousal to her advantage.  Conditioning Jeff to eat large amounts of food with the promise of sexual pleasure would be all too easy and enjoyable for both.  Then she thought of Jeff as being so big that he couldn’t reach his penis with his huge gut in the way.  She would be all too happy to help him out.  She pictured his erection poking into his belly being both a cause of discomfort and arousal at the same time.


Jeff seemed to go into a kind of trance while eating the pie and when Pam pulled the empty plate away from him it was broken.  It was then that he felt how stuffed he was, how he felt like he would pop at any second.  He couldn’t believe how much he had eaten.  He slumped in the chair like dead weight, wincing with every breath he took.  Pam was now rubbing his belly.  She seemed to have a special touch that felt very good, very soothing.  Slowly Jeff started to feel less full but his arousal was just as strong.

It didn’t take long for Jeff to succumb to sleep and while he slept he dreamt of what his future would be.  He imagined himself being stuffed with food every day.  Pam feeding him such fattening delights helping his belly to get bigger and rounder.  He pictured himself naked on all fours eating from a trough like a pig with his belly huge and hanging heavily towards the floor coupled with an erection that was poking into his gut.  He liked being naked, clothes were too restricting but he was wearing pig ears, nose and a strap on tail.  He belly was swelling with every mouthful, creeping towards the floor.  Soon it touched the floor but Jeff continued to eat and eat not caring.  After reaching the floor his belly started to expand sideways and still Jeff ate and ate.  Eventually his belly got so huge that it lifted him off the floor until he couldn’t reach the trough anymore.  Then Pam walked in and praised her enormous pig and Jeff ‘oink’ed with satisfaction.


It was the oink that awoke Jeff and snapped Pam out of her daydreaming.  Jeff hadn’t just ‘oink’ed in his dream but he ‘oink’ed out loud as well.  Pam got up and stood there looking at Jeff while he sat there smiling back.  It was then that Pam surveyed the costume he wore.  The vertical tears on either side had gotten longer but what surprised her most was how they expanded.  There was about a 5 to 6 inch gap from seam to seam and still the fabric was pulled taught around Jeff’s swollen gut.  She would probably have to cut him out of it.

With great effort on Pam’s part, for Jeff was no help at all, she got him to his feet and helped him to the couch.  Several times he threatened to fall down due to not being used to carrying around such a huge gut.  Jeff sunk into the couch from his weight but was greatly relieved for the softer accommodations.  Pam suggested they watch a movie while Jeff digested which seemed like a fine idea to him.  Pam snuggled up to her fattened pig and continued rubbing his belly during the movie.  Once the movie was over and Jeff had digested enough food to be able to get up on his own, Pam helped him out of his costume but not before cutting it to get it off him.

Then she helped him back into the clothes he came over in.  They struggled to get his pants closed for his gut was still considerably swollen and once all was digested would still be too large for them.  Even his shirt was much too small on him now; it barely covered ¼ of his stomach when he pulled it down.  He looked like a stuffed sausage that had busted it’s casing standing there in his clothes.

‘Pam, would you mind if I kept the costume?’ Jeff asked.  ‘I’d like to keep it as a reminder of my achievement tonight.’

‘Sure you can keep it.  It’s of no use to anyone else now.’

‘Thank you Pam and thank you for a lovely evening.  I should be heading home now but I’d like to do this again sometime.’

‘You are welcome Jeff, it was my pleasure.  We can do this again as many times as you want,’ she replied and gave him a pat on his belly and kiss on the cheek.

Pam walked him to her door and then watched him clumsily lumber back to his house.  What Jeff didn’t realize as he waddled back to his home, almost falling over a couple times is that Pam had every intention of having him over again and again and again.
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