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in this continuing tale,the heroes begin their adventure to find the kingdom of Kalrhoah
Chapter 2
unlikely allies

Theron- Previously on Legacy of nira...

[show preview of movie clip from ep 1]

Theron-and now young hero,we continue our tale....

-begin scene 1-

-camera cuts to Theron's cave with Brune next to theron.-

Brune-So Paroth Serinah and my ancestor freed the Goddess Nira?

Theron-Yes.Paroth was badly injured,so before they could travel Arnatule allowed them and their pepole to stay in the elven village of Glowvale.

Brune-Glowvale?Thats where the Rishi Forest resides right?-blinks-

Theron-Yes.Youre right.It was a little known fact that the Draken Elves resided there.

-flashback sequence as scene two begins.-

-intro credits roll as flashback sequence ends and camera cuts to an elven village.the homes of this elven civilization are made of giant trees with hanging gardens.-

Theron [narration]-Untouched for thousands of years,the beautiful Elven village of Glowvale stood alone and tranquil.After the recent disturbance caused by the Huns,the Sarmations were greeted,but were also watched carefully.

-camera pans through village and shows several villagers walking about or working.camera cuts to an elven blacksmith working while a sarmation places gold coins on a counter.camera pans to have two elves stare suspiciously at him.-

Theron(narration)-The peace did not last however,as fueds between races began.

-camera pauses as the two elven pepole attack the sarmation in a fist fight,robbing the sarmation of his boots.-

Theron(narration)-had it not been for your ancestor's leadership,his pepole would have driven them out.

-camera shows the two run away from the sarmation and camera cuts to arnatule firing an arrow,camera follows the arrow untill it pins both elves on a tree by their collar.-

-arnatule walks up to the two elven theves-

Arnatule-ive trained you better then this.As for your punishment you both will remain on this tree with no food or water for a day.And dont even dare show yourselves untill i want to look at you.

-arnatule picks up the boots and walks to the robbed sarmation.-

Arnatule-I appoligize.Weve been geting uneasy because of this new decree by our goddess.Ill see to it that those two will have a proper punishment.

-the sarmation nods and takes his boots back.-

-Arnatule-Time to go see how Paroth is doing....

-camera cuts to a huge tree and a text appears that says 'arnatules house'-

-camera cuts into the inside of arnatules house and shows an interior bedroom with paroth bandaged up and serinah kneeling at his side holding his hand.-

Serinah-Paroth...please wake up.
-caresses his hand on her face.-

Arnatule- Serinah, im back.Hows Paroth?Is he still delerious?

-camera cuts to serinah as serinah nods-

Serinah-Hes been running fever for some time...He must have taken a bad hit.

Arnatule-Well i was in the market and picked up something that may help.Muja berries.-opens a bag,camera shows berries-This is a little known berry that if blended into a liquid can heal someone quickly.I also have an idea to help him recover.

-camera cuts to serinah-

Serinah-Well at this point im willing to try anything.

Arnatule-Then let me try something.Last night I saw you admiring our glowing flowers.I plucked one of them and used it as a herbal supplement.

-serinahs eyes perk up-

Serinah-Wow really?Youre amazing Arnatule!

-camera cuts to arnatule-

Arnatule-Just give me a moment and ill make my cures here...

-loud knock on door-

Arnatule-Well looks like ill be back in a second.

-camera cuts to arnatule opening his door and shows an elderly elf-

Dalos-Greetings villige cheif,the elders wish to gather shortly for a council meeting.Will you attend?

arnatule-Well ive been needing to adress recent events.But i have an idea...tell them to wait for me dalos.

Dalos-Yes sir.

-arnatule closes the door and paces near it.-

Arnatule-I wonder how to do this.....Ugh,i hate politics...

-camera cuts to bedroom.arnatule walks in and starts blending the herbs in a bowl.-

Arnatule-sorry bout that Seinah,damned politics.

-Serinah nods and leans over to watch-

Serinah-Hope you dont mind but I want to learn how to use these.

-camera cuts to interior of niras temple.the godess nira extends her hand and the rocks split open as a throne of roses quickly grows.-

Goddess Nira-There...time to redesign this prision into my home.

-wolfclaw enters and kneels near goddess nira-

Wolfclaw-Milady of divineness,please heed my prayer.

Goddess Nira-Speak mortal.

Wolfclaw-Divine Nira,please ensure my friend Paroth restores his health.I feel as if the peace between your newly founded race wont last unless you intervene somehow.

Goddess Nira-I see.Thank you for bringing ths to my attention mortal.I sence someone else wishing to speak with me....it seems as if in his heart,the elven leader wants to help my plight.Go mortal,be of peace in your mind,for ill reveal myself when needed.

theron [narrating]while the heroes were busy handling affairs in the vilage,the enemy was one step ahead of them.

-camera cuts to a hunic campfire with hunic solders resting-

Volnomus-General Ulgath,get over here
-a hun general approaches volnomus-


Volnomus-We lost trail of our target ..and we have also lost the respect of our enemy.However,im not to blame.-pulls out a knife and stabs a hun while hes eating,killing him-Let it be known any general who fails gets the death penalty.Weve got a civilization worth crushing now.What have the scouts brought back for us?

ulgath-hmm well according to our reports theres some sort of temple within the dwarven city.but the only way to investigate if it was similar to the ruins that our spy discovered.he hasnt reported back after his findings,so the one in he forest is presumed dead.the one investigating the dwarven civilization reports that its a metropolis down there,and the army is considerably equal to ours.

volnomus-we camp here away from the gate untill we can find a way to weaken them some.this will be a worthy battle!i want the men ready!

ulgath-yes sir.

-camera cuts to arnatule and a chamber of elven elders surrounded by a stone crafted table.-

theron[narrating]-A few hours pass as arnatule and the elven elders gather in a meeting.

arnatule-...and thats why i stand behind this desicion.why oppose the gods when we have been decreed to follow?

freya-though what you say yerns true in your voice,we cant follow the commandments.to give our secrets away is like giving away our soul.

dalos-im with freya on this one,keeper.plus this whole conflict started when a human raped one of our daughters.

-camera pans all the council members-

elder 1-i agree,the culprit is still at large and weve yet to find him.

elder 2-untill this crime is solved the entire council objects to your illusions of a goddess and therefore-

flash of light appears as the goddess nira shows up in wolf form.-

goddess nira-if i hear one more objection of my decree i will turn this whole council to stone.

-arnatule turns around-

arnatule-finally...youre here to plead your case.they claim an elven daughter was raped so they oppose the idea entirely.what say you goddess?

-entire council stands in shock-

goddess nira-i should turn those who oppose into stone if they defy my decree.as for the crime....i will seek out his spirit and turn him to stone untill his sentance is served.ten years.no more.

dalos-i move to ajorn this council and not be turned to stone.all in favor?

other council members-aye

goddess nira-good.now enforce laws to allow consentual marrage between races and protect those from harm.relenquish your secrets.you will see how powerful you will become with my blessings.

arnatule-thanks divine nira.

goddess nira-not a problem.i sence you are a just leader....keep that with you and your children may carry that with them.

arnatule-yes divine one.

-end scene 2-
-begin scene 3-

-camera begins with point of view of paroths vision as he wakes up slowly-

paroth- [thinking]ugh....wh...where am i?am i dead?

-'eyes' open and moves to the right.serinah is seen sleeping on paroths hand-

paroth[thinking]-serinah?she must have stayed next to me this whole time.

-camera cuts to paroth trying to get up but fails and hand nudges sernah awake-

serinah-[gasp]PAROTH!YOURE AWAKE! try ot to move,youve been hurt.ive been here helping the whole time and arnatule has been getting you potions and medicine.how ar you feeling?

-serinah hugs paroth tightly around his neck-

paroth-my head feels like its still pounding...where are we?

serinah-were inside arnatules village.while you were out arnatules been busy trying to unite our races while helping me heal you.[looks sad]for a while there i...i thought...[crying.]

paroth caresses her hair-im not about to leave a person who hates being picked on about a family goat.hahaha[coughs]

-serinah smiles and wipes away her tears.-

serinah-and i wont stop comparing it to that lame horse.hehe.

serina caresses paroths cheek,paroth has a shocked reaction.-

paroth.-what are you doing?

serinah-just being grateful to our new goddess that youre alive.

-camera cuts to interior of therons cave-

theron-a week passed as paroth healed and while arnatule was uniting the pepole the goddess helped him.

brune-this all seems too good to be true,my ancestor united the land and worked along the goddess nira?

theron-yes. the whole reason that Nira wanted to unite our pepoles was because of our compassion and survival were paramount.

brune-and i know youre a pure blooded elf but how do you know all this?

theron-......i was part of their adventures.

brune-WHAT? now youre kidding me.

theron-i wish i were....

-flashback ends scene 3-
-begin scene 4-

-exterior,open plain with a roadway as paroth serinah and arnatule travel.

theron[narration]-as the small band of heroes began their quest they begin their travels on the road to the town of granite ridge.

-camera pans over them then locks in place as it views all 3 heroes walking alongside each other.-

paroth:thanks again for helping us out arnatule.

arnatule-it wasnt a matter of helping you out....since youre the first humans ive known to keep their word,im only ensuring that my pepoles faith in me can be well placed.

serinah-im grateful for that arnatule.im still a bit confused on spirit binding but weve been practicing like you have said.

paroth-ive learned how to hurl boulders and quake the ground.serinah learned how to heal a bit using her powers.

arnatule-thats al well and god,but its importaint to understand what spirit binding is.essentailly if you find an animal who assists you you can use your powers to give the creature the same powers.

paroth-so you mean any power we have can be given to an animal ally?

arnatule-yes.but once that happens over time your power grows quickly.as long as your animal freind dies of natural causes of course.

serinah-what happens if they die in battle?

arnatule-your abilities will be slowed down slightly.

-camera cuts to a pair of dwarfs.one is pased out on the road and the other is trying to wake the one passed out.-

serinah-what the...look up ahead.

-camera cuts to the dawrves-

malgon-sodding stones on a dimond WAKE UP BALGON.ugh! for a damned noble caste you sure are a pain in the arse.GET UP DAMNIT!

balgon-[snorts and wakes up]uh? what?oh stooonne not again.

malgon-yes again.you got drunk again and then wound up on the surface AGAIN.i swear by my bearded ancestors that youre going to be casteless if you get caught.

-arnatule serinah and paroth walk up to them.malgon looks at them and stands up-

malgon-hail travelers.sorry about my brother.he tends to be a bit drunk.im malgon blackstone.this is my brother balgon.

arntaule-greetings...is he ok?

malgon-he does this alot.only problem is getting him to the dwarven caravans in granate ridge.

-balgon gets up and punches malgons arm-

balgon-shove it ya castless dolt.granate ridge you say?wel were headed there now.why not travel with us?

serinah-well you see

paroth-were simply trying to reach a dwarven city with a temple in it.

balgon-a temple?as far as i know KalRhoha is the only dwarven city with mysterious ruins not of dwarven make.were from there.

malgon-and the only way there is through the caravan in granate ridge...but we know a back way in to avoid suspicion.well talk to the caravan merchant.we know him well.

paroth-sounds like a plan.

serinah-just out of curiousity balgon,you look like youre a noble.

balgon-before you say anything i am a general and paragon of my kingdom.i can grant you an audiance so long as pepole dont recognize me as a surfacer.

malgon-hes right.i chose to escape the catse system by coming to the surface.i live in granite ridge.i occasionally have to drag this duster back home.come on,ill lead you into town.

theron[narration]and thats where i met them.as they entered town im unsure what they were up to but i ignored them and decided to preform in the local tavren.

-camera cuts to interior of a tavren as young theron seats himself on the stage and plays his lute.-

theron[narration]-what caught my eyes was serinah,but that is what caused fate to join them.

young theron-wow...whom is that beautiful angel?ladies and gentlement i dedicate this song to the most beautiful woman in the room.-points to serinah as the crowd politely applauds him-

young theron-[singing]heavenly angel shine through my heart,give me a name and my soul splits apart.her eyes are like the stars and her hair makes my heart reach far,her heart is like a river of gold for one smile from her and i am truely sold.may her days be fullfilled and her nights give her rest,may her head listen to my beating heart as i bow polite and rest.

serinah blushes and looks at paroth

serinah-well makes me wonder why you dont do that.

paroth-um hello...your vows,remember?

serinah-...damn it.

arnatule laughs as he looks at the balgon brothers.

arnatule-so have you spoken to the caravan?

balgon burps

balgon-sure did.hes leaving tomorow but wants you to meet him when you have a chance.hes staying in the inn across the street.

paroth-lets go talk to him and get a room.

-young theron folows behind-

-camera cuts to interior of a small inn.as paroth arnatule and serinah enter they see a dwarf sitting on a chair-

paroth-greetings.are you the merchant the blackstone brothers mentioned?

-dwarf turns around-

harin-i am.names harin...you must be the outsiders wanting to take the back door into KalRhoha.theres a slight complication in your plans.if you are caught without a permit to visit the city you will be given a fine.i can aquire a permit for each of you but it will take a few days for my contacts to aquire them.

serinah-so how much will this cost us?

harin-three pepole will be fifteen gold....plus food and supplies will be another five.

arnatule-damn...must be a long trip.

harin-not neccicarily.its more or less a risky trip.roumers have been spreading about an army gathering near the dwarven gates.thus the hisgh prices.

serinah-damn...so close....

serinah looks sad for a breif moment

young theron-how fourtunate that our paths meet under these circumstances....

paroth-wait..who are you?

young theron-im the bard who serinated the beauty next to you.i have a proposition for you all that can help pay your way to the destination you seek.i would like to speak to the both of you men about the details.as for that beautiful woman over there she needs pampering.-loks in the corner-innkeep give her a spa treatment would you?

-young theron tosses a bag of coin to the innkeeper in the background.inkeeper nods and serinah follows the inkeeper while blushing at theron.-

young theron-well use my room to discuss the details.

-camera cuts to a room as young theron sits on his bed and arnatule and paroth sit down nearby.

thank you all for coming.i am a traveling bard that would like assistance in aquiring a special kind of instrument.i am a wealthy bard so any reward for it is given,including passage to your destination.

arnatule-hmm sounds too good to be true.paroth?

paroth-i have my doubts myself.whats so special about this flute?

young theron-well,to be blunt,the flute is magical.it holds undtold power that can help all of mankind.it has been known to calm even the most violent of men while the spirits of nature sing in harmony to the flute.i know where to get it,but the hard part is geting there.

continued on ep2pt2
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