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by Dawson
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Creation story. Still trying to just figure out the website.
At the founding the universe was a dark and hot; a great sea of primordial ooze, and the first being to rise up from out of this was Order. Disgusted with the hectic nature of the universe, he created from his will the substance of White Bio, which allowed him to create many stars and worlds and establish the laws of the universe. With his great tool he spent ages uncounted constructing the fabric of existence. To rise second was the being of Chaos. Bored by the order and routine of the universe, he created Black Bio; which he used to fight against and undo the will of Order; and so the two beings created the Two Shades, and in their intermingling gave birth to balance in the universe, but so too did the Two Shades spawn all the other colors of bio. The bi-product of this was life within the universe, as the Two Shades went to become the foundation and structure of the universe, their rainbow offspring went on to found all life.

Upon the completion of the universe, Order was very tired, and created at the center of all space a sphere in which he could forever rest. Chaos, who had not expended his energy in the creation of the universe as Order had, went down onto many worlds and took many forms and names as he intermingled with the life he helped to create.

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