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by Angus
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Something that definitely shouldn't be in this portfolio!

      On Saturday, the fourth of May, two thousand thirteen, Angus woke up, as he always had on all of the previous Mondays of his life. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have written this. The first thing he did, even before getting his morning cup of Joe, was to boot up his computer so he could find out what the prompt was for Arakun’s Daily Flash Fiction. But alas, the main character of this story was verily disappointed when he found out that his Internet connection had been disrupted.

    ‘Argh,’ cried Angus.

    He walked over to his next door neighbor to inquire if they were online.

    “Yo, Paul. My Internet's down,” asked he. “Is yours up?”

    “I’m sorry, sir Angus, but it is not. And perchance may I ask, why are you standing at my door in your boxer shorts?”

    Angus could not explain this, for he was a bit ‘under the weather’ from the previous night’s proceedings. He turned and walked away without even a reply.

    Back in his castle, sir Angus retreated to his bedroom to call it a day. He was almost asleep when he heard his neighbor pounding at his door.

    “Hark, sir Angus,” his neighbor screamed through the thick wooden barrier. “Our Internet is back up!”

    Mr. Angus was elated with this new news. He jovially and briskly ran to his computer to see what Arakun’s prompt (or prompt words, as she seemed to do quite often) would be today.

‘Write a story that includes the words: grapes, door, button

Have fun!'

      ‘Twas then that Mrs. Angus heard the sound. She rapidly journeyed to the living quarters where, in her horror, she discovered her husband, that Angus dude, laying on the floor with a bullet through his head.

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