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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Contest Entry · #1931918
TU entry R4- Mine: Nell was a mystery he would never solve...
Tangent Universe Round 4 ~ Musical Prompt: Mine by Christina Perry

         There was a predatory glint in her steel blue eyes and an arrogant bend to her soft smile as she stared at him through the massive pane of glass that separated the two sides of the bar.  The air was choked with smoke and an almost repulsive combination of heavy and clashing perfumes.  The distinct odor of sex hung over it all in this ultimate meat market called Aspasia and Nell felt perfectly at home there.

         Nell knew that he was watching her although he was trying to hide it from the anorexic woman who sat across the table from him with her back to the glass.  His dark eyes kept darting between hers and the woman with him and Nell continued to gaze unblinkingly.  She took inventory of his appearance and her smile widened infinitesimally.  He was good looking in that All-American-Boy-Next-Door way with his light brown hair tossed to the side rather haphazardly and his soft, boyish face with its five o’clock shadow.

         She was so completely focused on him that she could practically smell the intoxicating odor of him, all fresh, healthy and unsullied by any other of her kind.  Nell could always tell when one of her clan had been with someone and this one was as yet untouched.  She arched an elegant black eyebrow invitingly at him through the glass, her smile widening minutely yet again.  Nell licked her blood red lips coquettishly, enjoying the way his body reacted to her without his realization.  He would be a fine treat to end her evening.

         Nell stood, her skin tight spandex sleeveless mini dress accentuated her lithe, nubile body and she saw his eyes dilate with pure lust.  She ran her hands down her breasts to her hips, smoothing the material even as it drew his eyes to the curves of her body.  With an air of arrogant confidence, Nell strode to his table and turning her back on him and looked the anorexic in the eyes.  The steel of her eyes glowed briefly as the woman stared at Nell with wide, shocked hazel eyes.

         “You need to leave now,” Nell suggested to the other woman.  The too skinny woman stood without preamble or excuses and left the bar.  Nell turned to him and smiled salaciously.  “Shall we?”

         He stood and held his hand out to her.  Nell smiled and allowed him to lead her from Aspasia.  She was glad to find that he only lived a scant two blocks away from the bar.  They walked up one flight of stairs to his apartment door.  Nell stopped at the threshold as he opened the door and entered.

         “Please, do come in,” he invited.  Nell smiled and the predatory look returned to her eyes.  “What is your name?”

         “You may call me Nell.  And yours?” she replied.

         “Cliff,” he answered as he dropped his keys and jacket to the table beside the door.

         Nell smiled again and arched her eyebrow at him, once again enjoying the way his body unconsciously responded.  “Shall we?”

         “Please,” Cliff’s breathy plea confirmed that he was entirely under her spell… just the way she liked them.  He held his hand out to her and she took it, allowing him to lead her to the small, cluttered bedroom. 

         Nell didn’t bother looking around, she had her quarry where she wanted him and her focus was entirely on him.  She put her hands on his chest, running them up and down until she felt the increased tempo of his heart and smelled the heady scent of his blood pumping so invitingly through his veins.  Yes, he was going to be a fine treat.  With a quick jerk of her hands, buttons flew around the room as she tore his shirt open.  Blood red talons scraped lightly down his bare chest.  Nell was disappointed to see that he had no chest hair… she hated this new trend of hairless chests.  If he hadn’t been so completely fresh and unsullied, she’d have left him for this unattractive feature. 

         Nell exulted in the way he sucked the air as she slowly let her hands scratch and claw their way to the waistband of his jeans.  Moments later, Cliff stood unflinching and malleable, bared for her pleasure.  Nell smiled her secretive, arrogant smile and pushed Cliff to the bed.  She lifted the skirt of her dress and straddled him.  As she moved on him, her body enjoyed the sensation of him deep within her while her mind was focused on his physical status and her every other sense was entirely centered on the intoxicating blood that she could smell and hear running through him, driving her mad with hunger.  As she felt him climax, she leaned in and sank her teeth into his neck.  His whole body spasmed with the combination of his release and her feeding.

         “Nell!” he gasped before passing out under her.  With a sigh of satisfaction, Nell moved from Cliff and covered him almost gently before straightening her dress.  With her needs satisfied and dawn approaching rapidly, Nell left Cliff’s apartment.


         Nell avoided Aspasia for three nights following her ever so enjoyable encounter with the innocent Cliff.  He had been everything she’d known he would be and while she’d fed from other hosts since, she now wanted to return to her favorite hunting grounds of Aspasia. 

         As soon as Nell entered the bar and sat at her usual place, the owner came to her looking frazzled and annoyed.  She’d known Grey Maddox for twenty years and as humans went she considered him a friend but she was surprised when he sat down without invitation.

         “Grey?” Nell arched an inquisitive eyebrow, her voice cool and unemotional.

         “Nell, you’ve got to do something about that guy you left with a few nights ago,” Grey said without preamble.

         “Why is that?”

         “Because he’s been a right pain in my ass.  He comes in drinks all night while waiting for you and then when I kick him out for being drunk, he starts calling me.  He keeps asking me if I know where you are.”

         “So Cliff doesn’t understand the concept of one night stand…” Nell shrugged. “No big deal… he’ll give up sooner or later.”

         “Nell, he’s driving me nuts.  Please take care of him… get him off my back.” Grey pleaded.  Nell watched him shrewdly, knowing that Grey didn’t make requests lightly.

         “All right, Grey.  I’ll talk to him.” Nell acquiesced.

         Grey looked utterly relieved as he stood, “Thank you.”

         Nell only had to wait for half an hour before Cliff arrived with the same anorexic woman that he’d been with before.  She watched as he scowled at the woman as though he didn’t really want to be with her but unsure of how to get rid of her.  He looked disheveled compared to the last time she’d seen him and Nell could see the faint traces of her bite mark on his neck.

         Nell arched an elegant black eyebrow and flicked her long black hair from her pale face as Cliff’s brown eyes collided with her steel blue ones.  She watched as he left the woman who was scolding him with a sour look on her face and strode to where Nell sat with her drink.

         “Nell,” Cliff said, sounding relieved.  He too sat without invitation and Nell simply smiled.  “I’ve been looking for you.”

         “So I’ve heard,” Nell replied passively.

         “Where have you been?  Why did you leave without at least saying goodbye?” He pressed.  Nell smiled enigmatically.

         “Honestly Cliff, have you no idea how the one night stand works?” she smirked.  She looked up and smiled her predatory smile at the anorexic woman who was glaring daggers at her.  “I don’t think your friend likes me much.”

         “Who?” Cliff was momentarily distracted as he turned to see the woman staring at them.  “Oh Cecilia.  Whatever.”

         He turned his focus back to Nell and she could smell the desperation that oozed from him.  “Was that really all I was to you?  A one night stand?”

         “That’s all I ever have, there’s no point in more,” Nell replied with her secret little smile.

         “No point.  Why is there no point?  What does that mean?  Nell, I need you.  I’ve thought of nothing else since we were together.  I can’t seem to function without you.” Cliff sounded desperate and Nell smelled it grow stronger in him.  He leaned over and kissed her hard on the lips.  Nell pushed against him and frowned while shaking her head.

         “No, Cliff.  I didn’t give you permission to kiss me.  No more questions and no more harassing Grey.  I do not and will not love you, so go back to your skinny little Cecilia.  Forget about me.” Nell scolded.

         “I can’t forget you…” Cliff winced.  Nell was mildly shocked when he began to laugh and she arched her eyebrow again.

         “What is funny?” she asked.

         “You… thinking I can just forget you and go back to Cecilia without another glance.”

         “Cliff, I will not be with you again.  I’ve had what I wanted from you and now you’ve been sullied.  Either go back to Cecilia or move on, but know that I will not love you nor will I take you again.”

         Cliff stared at Nell for a long moment and she sensed the increase of his pulse as her words finally struck him and he understood.  A soft smile lifted Nell’s lips as she watched him.

         “Who are you?  Really?” Cliff asked with dark eyes filled with hurt and narrowed with suspicion.

         “I am called Nell, which is all you need know.”

         “Nell.  I will find out who you are…” Cliff promised. 

         Nell’s steel blue eyes glowed for a brief moment as she stared at Cliff, her arrogant smile enigmatic again as she murmured, “No, Cliff, you won’t.  Go to Cecilia, she’s waiting for you.”

         Without another word, Cliff rose and went to the anorexic Cecilia.  Nell watched the couple for a long moment until she was satisfied that Cliff had completely forgotten her.  Her smile widened as she watched.  Taking a deep breath, Nell’s eyes became predatory as the smell of unsullied blood entered the bar.  With an arrogant bend to her smile, Nell focused her attention on the tall sandy haired man that had strolled up to the bar, all thoughts of Cliff forgotten as she zeroed in on her new quarry.

word count: 1737 words
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