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Why bad habits attract us more than the good one as pondered by me.
Recently I tried my hands in few interesting things which is more seen as bad habits in India. These includes two of worlds famous things i.e Teen Patti ( Another form of Poker) and Temple Run 2.

Let me tell you first about Temple Run 2. This tempting game seems to me more tempting because here a person seems to run which symbolize a person running for his freedom or for his better future with hope in his eyes and energy in his body. And that made me weak and I end up trying the game despite of knowing theoretically that it will catch me in his trap and will destroy my time. And I felt that as more and more I am becoming good in this game my temptation is increasing towards it. And the reason behind it, is the pampering which I was getting from my friends and here I spotted the first answer of the question asked in the title.

Bad things are normally easy to start and that is why people get easy success in starting. and then that starts giving u a joy which helps u neglecting your real life problems and at that point of time person forget that to get success in the life we have to struggle for it and the bad habits deviate us from our path of determination.

But we realize this and the loss caused due to it as soon as we come back in our real life. And then that again add up to sorrow of our life and then that again motivate us to play more.

Well life moved on and again one day I encountered another and very interesting but more dangerously addictive game i.e. Teen Patti. Its another thing that now I think how can I be so foolish to play this game which I already knew that it will give me nothing except pain and loss. But above all it attracted me towards it and I started playing it. I realized that one thing which attracted me towards it the most was the glamor behind this game.

Glamor? you must be thinking that there is so many other things in this world with much more glamor then why the glamor of bad thins attract us more. And the reasons of this and the question asked in the title of this article is same and those are :

1) Implementing bad habits are much easier than good

2) Bad habits always come with false reputation which satisfies your hunger for reputation and you become a kind of blind to see it falseness.

3) Bad habits give you a temporary feeling of powerful man which make you forget that power comes in exchange of hard work.

4) Bad habit comes with good behavior and that good behavior come in form of pamper of friends, group or other people who want you to join them so that they can temporarily ease themselves from the burden of being victim of bad habits.

Its not that I am terrifying you, its just that I am telling what I have seen and what I have felt. But the question is how to defeat all theses sweetness of bad habits which becomes the infinite source of the bitterness of our life later on.

There is solution. Solution to this is To Believe more on that part of you which you cant see but you know that it exists. One should make a vision about the future and should always have faith on that.

Always remember, for power you have to bear pain and if you are bearing pain in neglecting those bad habits which your friends are the victim of, then unknowingly you are getting power.

POWER, to Deny the things,

POWER, to Stand on your own side,

POWER, to Say NO,

POWER, to prove yourself right ,

POWER , to Transform your vision onto reality

and the most Important


As said by Jesse Jackson,

" If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it I KNOW I CAN ACHIEVE IT"
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