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It's shorter then what I usually write, it goes to the song "25 to life" feedback please
Trapped Devil

Everyday I advance my level I'm wrapped in this cage a trapped devil

I've been thrown down to the ground
Kicked and hit in the head throw around
Now I'm doin it to myself without a sound
Silent kill nobody to be sent to hell
Writers block I've fell from my rap bound
Writin again to rebound from drownin
In self pity regain my own fuckin city
Stop you from maken me believe I ain't worthy
It's over my clock is stopped from self destruct
I'm comin back to take what you deduct
It sucked but I'm no longer the one who's gettin fucked
You'll be sorry you bet against any of my luck
I guess that's karma for tellin me to rest
You do re know what's best I guess I'm just blessed
With a curse I feel trapped and obsessed
To fill the page with rhymes that pass the rest
I'm a mess workin in a baggie shirt and sweats
Closing up every access to anything but lyrics
Started from basics to advance words that enhanced my rhythmics
I'm tired of my thoughts bein lost because of pricks
In the end my mimics arnt done just begun my restoration
From the pain that's been drawn from every aggravation
It started as fun but now it's competition
That I won't stop competing my fire is still feeding
But now I'm back and I won't let you stop me from acceding


I ask myself the same damn question
Why do I crawl back to you when all I do is fall
I keep cravin the same obsession to keep fightin tell the last brawl
I'm only one person can only take so much tell I'm drivin up the wall
It's different now my life has grown I'm new and I'm tall
Don't fall for these bullshit lies that you imply
Why the hell do we do this no one wins its not even a tie
But I'm tied to these problems my wings clipped
Until I started trying to flip my life
Stop from being whipped to your shit
I'm pisses my fire is lit fist is clenched
But I know it won't stop you one bit
So I grab my pen and paper and do what I do
Write lines tell I can't stop my lyric emit of rhyme shit
Lock my thoughts in a storage unit to prevent further block
I finally broke out didn't need an excuse or a rock just passion and a thought
It's hard to walk away but eventually your memories rot
Realized I don't need you, lord help the new man you caught

(Chorus) x2
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