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A spiritual poem...
My mother once told me
“Girl you’re gonna be late
That bus it won’t wait
So you’d better fly!”
So with my books in hand
I ran through the door
To catch it before
It passed me by.

The years had gone on now
And my mother’s the same
She called out my name
And I answered by and by
She said “Girl, are you ready?
To leave this world behind
Is Jesus on your mind?
Are you ready to fly?

I never believed her
All along those years
She shed so many tears
It was me who made her cry
But I never listened
To her tell of a love
That came from Above
Somewhere in the sky

One day Mother left us
And we were all so alone
Our mother was gone
And we all did cry
But when her moments grew small
She did nothing but pray
And then she did say
How she was gonna fly

One day I found her Bible
That she used so well
And then I could tell
Why she had wanted to fly
It told me about Jesus
Just one simple man
Who had walked this land
And on a cross did die

Sitting there with that Bible
I could feel my old soul
Had never been whole
And I began to ask why
And I knew in a moment
That I needed to pray
For when I got called away
I wanted to fly!

And at once Jesus told me
“Girl you’d better not wait
Before it’s too late
I want you to fly”
So with my Bible in hand
I’m ready to go
And I want you to know
I’m headed for the sky!

There will come a day
When all the angels will sing
Holy praises to our King
And then I’m gonna fly
And then I will shout
On the streets of pure gold
Never growin’ old
In that city in the sky
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