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The Love for Life (622 words)

                  I look around.  There is blood everywhere…  I know what happened here, but I won’t tell them.  They wouldn’t believe me anyways.  The bodies were gone, like they just walked away…  But the problem is they did walk away.

         “I think it was just a killing,” I lie, “They must have hid the bodies.”

         It was a slumber party, with five girls.  Seven people were ‘killed’.  The girls, the mom, and the dad, all gone.  They know that I know about them, and their growing party of villains.  Are the people dead? No.  Is that their blood? Yes.

                                       * * * *

         I wake up to the feel of cold breathing on my neck.  I look around and see about twelve people in my room with blood red eyes and long sharp teeth.  I scream as they realize that I’m awake.  One of the girls, with jet black hair and blood red lips, tries to bite me while the rest run out with ease.  I dodge the bite and try to run to safety, but she corners me saying,

         “You know about ussss.  You want to be one of ussss.  You have a lovvvve for lifffe.”

         I try to run, but she pushes me against the wall by my chest and grabs my torso.

         “Now listen you little fiend,” she continues, “You go run along and tell your dirty little human friends that this town will be ours!” I nod my head as she lets me go.  I let out a big sigh, for she was pushing on me so hard, I couldn’t breathe.

                                       * * * *

         I wake up to the same cold breath on my neck.  But, this time it is just one of them.

         “What nowww?” I complain, “It’s five intha mornin’!”

         “Stop your complaining, human one.  Did you tell anyone of our superiority?”

         “No, it was Saturday.  Everyone stays home on Saturday…  And by the way, it is Nala.”

         “I need to teach you a lesson!” She slaps me across the face, and my cheek starts to burn.  Then she slaps me again and my nose starts gushing blood.  She then punches my chest and I roll of my bed.

         “Now you go tell your friends!” She screams, and I nod my head for the last time.

                                       * * * *

         I didn’t end up telling my friends, which was the biggest mistake of my 23 year life.  I tried to run, but they still found me and took me to the deep depths of an unknown forest (I was blindfolded).  She took me into a candlelit cave and led me down a passage way.

         I hear chanting, no singing, down the narrow passage.  But I can’t quite understand it.  Then, she pushed me into a large room with around twenty five thirsty vampires.  Then she joins in and I realize what they are singing,

         “When you go out in the woods today, beware, beware.

When you go out in the woods today, beware, they’re coming.

There are the bodies,

Now the bodies have left.

When you go out in the woods today, beware, beware.

When you go out in the woods today, beware, they’re coming.

Your friends are gone,

Your family isn’t here,

They have left for someone else.

When you go out in the woods today, beware, they’re coming.”

         “Today!” she yells, her sharp voice echoing around the walls, “Our one believer shall fall!  And our great new empire, will be reborn!” Then each one of the other vampires start cheering.

         “Now, my children!  I shall have this one, because this is the dawn of a new day, a new era!” Then, she lunges towards me and the last thing I see is my blood.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1932402