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Advising good habits in tournament bowling, not bad ones - a poem.
Tournaments in any sport feature
The most intense competition and intrepid conditions,
Such as onerous length and pressure-packed ordeals;
Not to mention the highly competitive rules and formats
That weed out all except the most able and well-practiced players.
The sheer drama and bitter hardships can make
For the most grueling of times,
And one must take credible and distinct aim
At the only worthwhile prize imaginable,
A champion’s riches and the distinguished trophy
Or other first place winner’s iconic keepsake.

But the sport of bowling is legendary
For its unyielding difficulties and tragic outcomes;
A toe crossing the foul line invalidates one’s pin fall,
While a mishandling of the toss can land one’s bowling ball
Precipitously and awkwardly into the gutter,
Wreaking havoc on a player’s scores.
Ultimately, an ill-placed ball or unhindered movement
Can spell gut-wrenching doom for a bowler,
So only the players who engender and profit
From the most ideal of habits and conditioning
Are likely to benefit from competitive play.
Change always appears finite
And never too helpful or prescriptive
On these raw and challenging lines;
Therefore, the most successful bowlers
Generally display only the most congenial
And unfaltering of styles and strategies,
To ensure their universal grace and longevity
Out on the lanes.

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