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The arguments for/against gun control are very divisive. I hope we can make some progress.

I don’t understand
         Why the NRA is so against background checks, etc
         Why their responsible members feel limits are a threat
                   To their rights
         Why law abiding gun owners don’t publicly deplore
                   Mass murderers.

But then again I don’t understand
         Why young guys wear their pants so low
         Why fat women show so much cleavage
         Why the fourth driver in line at the traffic light
                   Honks in .03 seconds

I don’t understand
         Why gangs and drug dealers shoot anyone that interferes
         Why mass murderers think it will bring them glory
         How killing someone shows your superiority

But then again, I don’t understand
         Why Congress exempts itself from the laws it enacts
         Why Walmart can’t pay its’ employees more
         Why food without preservatives costs more than food
                   With preservatives.

But why listen to me

I don’t understand.
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