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by adamB
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Sci-fi · #1932828
the main book to follow on from my short story-- this is only a draft
Solis guard

By Adam Bussey


In the beginning there were 3 races bound by a pact of peace, but when the time came they would all full and turn to dust. The Terrabetheans to plague, the Orions to greed and the star dragons to pride. But this is all ancient history and those stories have passed into myth and now it is time for a new one to begin. 

Chapter 1


2 years after the awakening

2 weeks before planet fall on Malla prime

All was quiet on the road heading out of town, until a convoy of trucks rumbled past. The large transport trucks and 4x4's headed at speed towards the main gates of the airport.  The gates opened and the trucks drove through heading for the 3 large space craft parked on the tarmac. The world press was stood watching as the trucks and 4x4's drove towards them. A loud grating sound came from behind them as the ramp to the cargo bays were lowered on the transports. As the trucks pull up the news crews got out of the way as Adam and Anna got out, wearing heavy cloaks and walked part way up the loading ramp and then the lord general turned round to address the press. “Goodbye” and with that he turned around and walked up the ramp. The fighters started to move, with all the hatches and doors closed, there was an almighty rumble as the engines were put to full throttle and they headed down the runway. They lifted off of the tarmac half way down the runway and headed straight up into the sky, dwindling till they could not be seen. Inside the cop-pit of the fighter the planet was getting smaller below them, as they brock out of the atmosphere and in to orbit. The pilot spotted the Excalibur, checked his approach vector, “Sir, we are approaching the ship, ETA 1 minute”, and then there is a reply from behind him as the lord general walked up to the front “very good, don’t wreck the ship like last time! This is my personal ship and we are not in a simulator this time!”, “yes sir!” as they flew closer to the ship it became apparent how big was. Adam then asked “X-5, docking status?” as he turned to the co-pilot, a 8 foot tall battle droid. X-5 stood up from the co-pilot’s position and went over to the navigation panel and set it to docking “we are ready to dock”.


They got on-board the city ship and walked through the docking area, they stopped in a large open hanger bay with large clamps for space craft to dock and watched 3 large craft dock, each with a numeral on the bow and the name Excalibur in large clear letters. They then carried on walking through, heading deeper in to the ship when they stepped out in to a large open area with trees, grass and small buildings that are serving ice creams and drinks to all the people that are walking around having a good time. They then got to a dirt road and in the distance they could see large buildings stretching a mile high each. And standing in a clearing was a girl of 16 years of age in a light red skirt and blouse with a black belt, she has light blonde hair with a rose like red flower in her hair. Standing on either side of her was a couple of droids that looked similar to x-5 without all of the engravings on their armor but with different numbers on their chest plates as well as a slim and elegant droid with grace and x-6 written across her front, she had one of her hands on the girl's shoulder . Also there was a large group of people most of which where the relatives of the troopers that had accompanied Adam to the planet’s surface as well as his second honor guard squad was waiting for him to arrive. Compared to the troopers that had accompanied him on the planet’s surface they were dressed in smart olive green uniforms with peaked caps, whereas the returning troopers were wearing camouflaged combat uniforms and armor.

Adam turned to the droid and the girl “thank you Grace you may go back to what you were doing" with that the droid left "so what are we going to do with you? What were you thinking, taking a battle suit in to space! You are my only relative left and on top of that you are my daughter, I don't want to lose you like ever one else!" after a pause he continued quietly "Alice I know you want to prove yourself capable of accompanying me everywhere, but you will have to wait."

Chapter 2

Thinking of peace

Ryan was sat at the camp fire, looking to the stars wishing for salvation, little did he know that events had been set in motion that would change his life forever and bring salvation down from the heavens in a mass of shooting stars. But for now he was more concerned with the here and now. The war had been raging on for 2 years, a war between worlds, Malla prime a lush green world had been invaded by the inhabitants of Malla minor, a bleak and barren rock of a world, its inhabitants possessing better technology and being militaristic had over whelmed their peaceful counterparts. Ryan’s girlfriend had been kidnapped by the enemy and he had joined the resistance to fight back, but they were fighting a losing battle, the tanks were running low on fuel and they had almost no ammo. It was a dire situation to be in but no one was going to give up. He sat there staring into the fire hoping to see his girlfriend again. His captain walked over and tapped him on the shoulder “on your feet, we’re moving into the mountains” Ryan replied “yes sir”. They marched for most of the night across the plains heading to the hazy outline of the mountains. They had reached the mountains around mid-day and disappeared into the deep forest, the leafy canopy concealing them from unwanted eyes. Soon they reached their goal, a deep cave system that was the home of hundreds of refugees who had fled the city. Ryan trudged through the narrow passages and tunnels to his home, a small annexed cave from a larger cave that served as a cooking and eating area, he paused looking at a picture of his girlfriend before falling onto his bed and he fell asleep almost instantly.


“Sir!” Adam looked up at the soldier who was standing at the end of the table, as he sat there he thought ‘this must be important they usually leave me alone when I’m not on duty’, “what is it?”

“Our forward scouting ships have come across a planet that the council think should be investigated” the man said,

“They won’t be needing dragon company then?” Adam asked, “I doubt it sir, but they do want the dragons to stay here.”

“I doubt that Drake and Andra’as would leave right now anyway. Tell the troops that we leave in 4 days and have the engineers prep the griffin with a full company compliment”

“Yes sir” the man saluted and left. Adam then finished his meal, waved at the bar tender and walked out of the inn, he got on his motorbike and headed for the great library. He entered through the large oak doors and stood looking up at the massive shelves holding at least one copy of all the books in Solis guard history, “Anna?” he yelled

There was a squeaking noise as Anna slide down from one of the shelving gantries “yes dear?” she said as she walked towards Adam.

“Where is Alice?” Adam asked in a calm tone

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