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It's queer, things feel different. I feel different...
The Spark

Coming out of a deep sadness I’ve been in all my life
is like rising out of the dark with pride and no fear
It’s queer
Things feel different
I feel different
It’s like I was trapped in a padded room
and then left to scream for years
Then, out of nowhere, with a rattle of chains
a door was made to the outside
The screaming stopped abruptly
and stumbling upon my feet
I walked unsteadily to the door
I winced and covered my eyes
for at first, the light was too bright
When the light became bearable, I saw it was night
I took a deep breath
and looked up to the sky in amazement
“What is that bright star I see?
The one that looks like a white pearl in the sea.”
I opened the door just enough to sneak through
and ran barefoot, leaving the padded room behind
The star spontaneously bursted of flying colors
like fireworks on the Fourth of July
The sparks rained down upon me
and I was relieved to see that I too, could be okay.
Things have only begun.

May 5, 2013
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