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Not sure what genre this really is, but Happy Mother's Day to all

On Mothers Day we tend to make all mothers idyllic. Most of the time this is an accurate portrayal, but sometimes it misses the mark.

Just ask any teenager or disciplined child what a horrible ogre their mother really is. This first set of acronyms is for those occasions.

M – is for Misery. The misery you gave me to do my homework, take out
The garbage, to go to bed early.

O – is for Opposite – I’m going to raise my children the exact Opposite of the way you raised me.

T – is for Time Out. I wonder which one of us it benefited more.

H- is for How. How did you know what I was really thinking?

E – is for Embarrass. Please don’t kiss me in public.

R – is for Room & Board. You want me to pay you so I can live here!

Not every woman is a mother. Not every mother is a woman.
This set is respectfully dedicated to you.

M - is for Maternal. The instincts are there even in women not blessed with

O – is for Option. Not every woman desires to bring a child into this world.

T – is for Teenager. Don’t be in such a hurry girls. It’s worth the wait.

H – is for Honor. Honor your children even when they really, really, really,
Really, really make you mad.

E – is for Enjoy. Enjoy the smiles, the inquisitiveness and the innocence of
All children.

R – is for Respect. Respect all women of the world because we all had

Now, the exalted Mother. This one is for you.

M - is for Made in Heaven. God sure knew what He was doing when He
Created Mothers.

O – is for Objectivity. It doesn’t exist when it comes to your own Mother.
Mom, you’re the best!

T – is for Temper. How did you keep yours when I was driving you crazy?

H – is for How. How many mothers’ prayers will it take for our children to
Stop dying from violence and war.

E – is for Epitome. You are the epitome of selflessness, devotion and love
At all times.

R – is for Reverence. Mom, you did it all for me.
You made me who I am.
I thank you.
I love you.

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