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by DeLift
Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #1933199
She was simply programmed to sing, and so she sang.
~ Based on a song by Dr Steel.

The small machine closed her eyes and sang.
This was the machine's singular purpose.
Her algorithm collected the sounds and tunes of the robot's surroundings and formed them into a symphony. The people that cared enough to listen, often found the warm timbre soothing to the ear.

There at the carnival, on her bench, the toy would sing with sadness nor joy, to all who would listen.

She would sit and stare into the abyss, perpetually collecting the woes and wonders of the people, but rarely would they touch the crank to make her sing.

Then one day, at twilight, a crack could be heard at the abandoned square.
The small robot used her now bended arm to position herself upright. There she would stare at the now broken off crank. She felt hatred for the furry animal that pushed her so casually from her bench. The pain in her limbs caused her frame to buckle as she stood up. Then she noticed something different. For the first time, she saw colour.

Alone she climbed back onto the bench. She wondered where the people went. She wondered why they abandoned her.

Sitting back down at her usual spot, she looked so confused. It felt like she was no longer dead...

She felt so ashamed. Unknowns as hatred, pain, beauty, loneliness and rejection frightened her to the core.
In her desperation she asked her programming for advice, she had asked it the meaning of life.

The algorithm responded.

The small machine closed her eyes and sang.
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