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Crickets, luring, darkness, chilly, vast, sky, stars, musics... let the pleasure begin...
The chirping of a distance cricket lured my attention out of the window. Although the pair of chopsticks was still in my hand, I could no longer process the dishes of food in front of me. The voices from the loud conversation at the dining table began to fade. I was hypnotized by the most secretive time of Mother Nature – the night.

It took me a while to finish my dinner with my absent-mindedness. As usual, mother and father went to bed early. They have to wake up very early the next morning to work in the paddy field. I was left alone to clean the dishes but my mind was not alone. The melody of the night was already playing in my head, urging my feet to step outside of this paddy field house.

Outside, the wooden house was no other than part of the night. It blended perfectly into the darkness when all the lights were out. My bare feet kissed the soft soil as I stepped into the backyard of my house. The coldness of the soil gave me a chill right through the spine but it was calming. Mother Nature was welcoming me into her wonders. Standing in the middle of the grassy ground where the house stood right behind me and the endless checkered paddy fields looming out from the dark to surround me, made me feel tiny. I sat under the black sky and lied down quietly. The moisture of the soil soaked the back of my clothing.

The sky was still pitch black when my eyes were not accustomed to the dark. I cherished this moment to the bottom of my heart. This emptiness in the sky signified perfection. No flaw was found in this piece of art. The perfect pitch black emptiness also absorbed and forgave every single mistake the observer made, giving the people complete peace and comfort. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sky, the darkness and the ultimate peace. I sank into deep thoughts and felt my doings being forgiven in this darkness too.

Slowly, the brightest star appeared. More and more stars loomed beside it. They were shining playfully at each other, as if communicating. The tiny fade light emanated the ground I slept on. I was no longer alone. Silhouette of the grass and trees at my back yard waved at me. The night breeze had come. As the breeze carefully brushed my cheeks, only I noticed the mixture of fragrance accompanying me. My breath was still filled with the smell of curry I had for my dinner. The milky taste mingled with the grassy scent I slept with, inventing a new perfume.

I listened to the whispers of the wind as I inhaled Nature’s creation. All the magical wonders were magnified only when the humans were asleep. There was movement in the soil. The plants were growing. Insects became active and joined to play an orchestra. The cricket from before was back, bringing more of its friends together. The owl began to hoot as the base of this masterpiece. And I closed my eyes to let my heartbeat follow their lead. It was never ending once it began. The pleasure of the quiet night could only be tasted when all humans’ activities halted. Then only, the night will be silent enough to summon all the adventures for the daring seekers like me.

I lost track of time as Mother Nature cradled me in her wonders.

The next morning, mother was surprised to see me soundly asleep in the backyard. She said I slept like a new born baby and was smiling in my sleep. However, she had to wake me up worrying that I might get a chill. She questioned me about sleeping outside the house but I only answered her in a dreamy voice, saying “The night was so beautiful.” Before tugging me into the bed, mother made me promise not to sleep in the backyard again. But who knows when will I get another invitation to enjoy the pleasure of a quiet night again? I smirked.
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