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Had a dream about this, so I decided to write it down.
        Avery ran. He didn't look back. He just ran as fast as he could. His vision blurred as tears fought their way to the surface. He put his head down and kept running. He had to get away, as far away as possible. His lungs burned. His legs were weak. His body felt like it was trying to tear itself apart.
         They collided. Avery was sent backwards. His body slammed against the pavement. 
         "Jesus Christ, watch where the fuck you're going, kid." A gruff voice quickly approached.
         Avery looked up at the man. The world around him spun. "Help me."
         The man knelt down beside Avery. Strong arms surrounded him. "What the hell happened to you?" The stern voice gave way to concern.
         Avery didn't answer. He couldn't answer. His body was screaming. His heart was exploding. He could only focus on the pain now. So much pain. Everything went black. All Avery heard was the screaming of the man that held him. "Somebody call an ambulance. Damn it, kid. Hold on."
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