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A different slant on respect

Most folks agree on one thing:
If you want respect you have to earn it.
I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that notion
But it’s time to rethink respect.

Why do I have to do something
Within your value system
In order to earn your respect?

Why do you have to do something
Within my value system
In order to earn my respect?

Why don’t we simply respect each other
For who we are
For just being me
For just being you
For being one of God’s children?

Did Jesus require respect
From a leper
From the bleeding woman
From the Roman soldier
From the man known as Legion
From anyone else he encountered?

Jesus touched, he healed, he cured
Not because each did something for him
But because each had personal needs.

Jesus changed the world with respect.

Can you change your world?

With respect,

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