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The second part of the epic poem
It wasn't that long
Since they shot into space
Those Humans and Critters
Crash into the Moon's mighty face!

They put on their suits
And step outside the Ship
Daisy the Rabbit
Says "Jolly good! Pip pip!"

Captain Sam Bucket
Plays golf on the Moon
His ball lands in a crater
And out steps a goon!

The Rabbits all scream
And hide behind Sam
"Who is that big monster!
Tell him to scram!"

The creature replies "I' am no monster!"
"I am a Psittacosaurus
My family lives in this crater
And quite frank you bore us!"

"You're a Dinosaur!"
Sam said with surprise
"But...You're all extinct!"
Pam said with Big Eyes

"Not all." Said the Dino
"When that meteor hit
Some were launched into orbit
We were so mad we could spit!"

"We landed on the moon
And we plants called Moon Moss
It's not very tasty
So we're perpetually cross!"

"If you want a good meal..."
Said Kangaroo Kate
"Come follow me
I'll give the best food you ever ate!"

The Dino said "Well..."
"I'll give it a try!"
Kate said "I'll make you
A big apple pie!"

The Dino got his family
They went to the ship
They ate pie with ice cream
With their beaks they did nip

They let out big burps
To show they were full
And they met Big Bruce
The Elephant Seal Bull

"You've all been so kind."
The Dino said with a sigh
"I'll tell you my name
For the sake of the pie."

"My name is Dude Claw
My wife is Liana
My daughter are Lily,
And sweet Pollyanna."

"You been so nice
That we''ll tell you a tale
Of the largest of creatures
The mighty Space Whale!"

To be continued

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