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Rated: E · Fiction · Adult · #1933768
A Tree and a Bike
Dark Tales


Brian San Nicolas

          In a place Very far away their lived a tiny town settled on the edge of a huge forest where you could see into it and almost see the town yet then how could it be a forest?. The people of the town were very adamant about not going inside the forest, it was a place of mystery and Mystique it was a place certain for mischief. But of course there’s always people that aren’t very good listeners

and they went in anyway, People went in and out of the forest to search for how deep the forest ran, no matter how many times in how many directions people went in they couldn't find any end to the forest it’s as if it just kept going and going and it looked more different as you went in. the forest changed a bit as you went in the deeper you went the stranger the place got. So they used markers to mark where they've been though not much good it did since the next day the markers would be gone. Seeing as the town folk are a peaceful people and not wanting to cause themselves trouble they decided to just leave the forest alone. As time went on the town villagers began to forget about the little ole forest and instead of going through it they would simply go around it to get to the river where the bridge built led out of town and other places they needed to go. They built roads that stretched around it and eventually a fence that would warn people in town and around it that lived near the town to not only go near forest or go inside but that they would suffer a fate worse than death. Soon the fence reached high so high was that fence that they built. The Signs posted read KEEP AWAY. Leave now! Or turn around and the signs seemed to just stretch all around the fence for a long time no one did go in Until One day, Someone did

Tree {/

Here I drop from my high place and plant my roots where I am. 100 years now it’s been I seem to be coming to a slowing halt. been here awhile now it’s been a long time my being here, and I've found life to be a dreadful bore without anything new happening. I have dropped my own and let them take root where they may grow and survive find and flourish on their own just as I did. one year when I did a peculiar new looking sort of young-lings appear out of nowhere and kick and throw my own around as if they were something to be treated that way it doesn't bother me it’s actually a good thing that they spread more room for me to stretch anyway. These young-lings/children as I have been heard them called are quite the fascination for me so different from anything I have ever seen. After a while time just passes, they leave and they don't come again tilt the sun rises and sets on my beautiful trunk again. I wonder if they've seen me this entire time.


          Mother: Come down son you’re going to be late for school.

Son: Yes!

Mother: Now eat up son or else you'll be hungry all day.

Father: Each day is a new adventure you know.

Son: That was delicious thanks and when I get home from school do you think I could take my new bike out and ride down to Marty's mart and buy some candy?

Father: Sure son, have fun

Mother: Well, I don't know you know how I feel about our little boy being around that place not to mention the weird characters that hang around their.

Father: Oh honey it will be fine.

Mother: Are you sure?

Father: Yes, it will be fine. Son you’re to make sure your back by five OK before the sun gets to the edge of the forest. K?

Son: Yes dad. ^_^ Thanks! Love you both!

( Son takes his bike out of the closet takes it outside straps everything on and heads off waving goodbye to his folks as he rides away with his bike and meets up with his friends his mother has the most worry some look on her face..)

(They sun dips down as the day goes on)

Johnny: Hey guys

Rolf: Hey John you ready to go down to the interesting part of town? ("The Forest") he means: Sara

Jimmy: Yeah right Come on Rolf he’s not going to go down there.

Mike: Hey Sara weren't you scared when your brother took you down their?

Sara: Well yeah but at least I didn't want to go he forced me and you guys are trying to go down there.(Its crazy talk)

Besides I bet none of you are courageous enough to even set foot near it.

Jimmy: I've got more courage than rest of you and can go down there any day.

( They arrive at the market after about 20 minutes of traveling talk walk in the store and see nothing they want and walk out when they see that Johns talking to this weird guy behind the corner. Jim Probably a friend of his dads lets go the borders just up ahead)

strange man: Hey kid (whisper) Come here.

Johnny: Me?

Strange man: come here! (Whisper) I got something to tell you.

(John walks reluctantly up to the strange man and asks him what does he want?)

Strange man: Hey kid I hear the rumors and the talk you(looks down at him) you’re not thinking of going in them forests are you?

John: Maybe we are and maybe we aren't?

Strange man: Well kid don't you listen boy?! The forest's is a danger they'll enchant you then when they got you deep enough. Oh sure enough. They’ll swallow you up!!

John: What are you talking about?

Stranger Man: Those forest will get you and the things you care about and you be warned, don't go in there, don't even go near it, no good can come from those forests.

Character: Rolf /Johnny/ Sara/ Mike

Rolf: Yeah! Me too, what do you say mike?

Mike: HM I don't. (He takes a quick look around) Hey you guys .where did Johnny go (Everyone looks around only to just find him walking back and away from around a deep dimmed alley)

Mike: hats wrong?

Johnny: Huh? Oh it’s nothing.

Sara: You look don’t look so good.

Rolf: He’s just anxious! To go.

Johnny: I know I said I’d go for support because you guys are my friends and I really don’t believe in that stuff anyway but I don’t know maybe we shouldn’t go. Or at least wait until another day

Rolf: Why? It’s not like well get another chance again. Do you guys know how long it took me to figure this out? Around this time no one around to see us go in and it’s still light out so well be able to find our way back

Sara: Wouldn’t it be better if we all go then only one or two people go?

Mike: If everyone's going I’ll go

Rolf: I'm going there’s no doubt about it.

Johnny: I don't know, Sara Will you go?

Sara: Yeah sure

Mike: Hey you guys we should hurry up and get going the suns getting pretty low.

Sara: Yeah I don't want to get lost in a forest at night.

(Johnny takes one last look back at the big hill that stretch upward towards his house)

Rolf: Let's go...

(Everyone gets on their bikes and pedal away towards the forest gate only about a mile away

Sun starts to dip down into the horizon as Dusk settles in.)

Rolf: Here we are you guys the forest.

Mike: It’s a huge gate

Sara: But there’s no lock? Why would put a lock on it if nobody ever goes in.

Jimmy: Maybe there all just too scared to go in it everyone’s always talking about how you shouldn’t go in. And what might happen if you do.

Rolf: Well jimmy maybe there’s just some kind of conspiracy going on here and its nothing and the entire town is having one huge party in their?

Sara: Rolf Your always going on about how theirs a CONSPIRACY!!

Rolf: There is! You guys just don't know. That’s why it’s called a Conspiracy, we’ve all been conspired against.

Sara: Those are some pretty big words for you Rolf.

Jimmy: Maybe theirs ghost in there.

Sara: Stop it jimmy

Johnny: Hey, can you guys cut it out its pretty spooky in here.

Besides we all have to go in so if theirs is a ghost which we don't know

Mark: Ha you’re scared too I bet.

Everyone: shh...

Sara: so loud

Johnny: jeez Mark wake up the whole neighborhood

Rolf: Come on you guys we got to be quiet. Right? Mike?

Mike: Sorry

Rolf: Let’s leave the bikes, Come on...

Johnny: You guys it’s been like a couple of minutes almost like an hour and wave been walking to I think we should at least turn around now.

Mike: Getting tired there?

Rolf: Guess it really isn’t a conspiracy then.

Mike: How about you jimmy?

Jimmy: Nope I’m not tired

Sara: Look you guys I think it’s time we turned back around its getting pretty dark and I don't want to hang around for this

Mike: Look you guy like I like the creepy and dark forest just as much as you guys but I think we should get out of here too. Hold on wait a sec I think I can like almost see a light there.

Rolf: Yeah just beyond those trees I can see it

Johnny: Light what light

Sara: Look Johnny it’s so bright and pretty what is it?

Mike: Its gone

Sara: Wondered Where it went

Rolf: It was just some older kids messing with us. Hey where'd the sun go?

Johnny: I'm not sure how to say this you guys but I think were lost...

Mike: Lost how could we be lost?

Jimmy Were not lost

Sara: And it’s dark its dark and were lost. Oh no

Rolf: It’s not, you guys we can still find our way back if we just retrace our steps.

Johnny: Look at where were at you guys do you think we’ll be able to retrace our steps through all of this.

(The small light is has reappeared) A small growl emanating from around them

Sara: Gasp* did you guys hear that?

Rolf: No what is it!?

Mike: It was a small growl like a little dog

Jimmy: Look the lights back!

Johnny: Weird. (ROARER*!!**) and its coming from the light and its getting closer.

Mike: Let’s get outta here

Sara: Oh my god

Rolf: So gone

what seems like a millions of trees past by just zipping past them as the light pushes run after them. Try as hard as they might they just can’t seem to get away from it. At last light the light Push's them towards the distance and away.

Everybody panting*

Johnny: OK I think it’s gone now

Mike: Are we sure?

Johnny: Yea I'm sure when we got beyond those trees their it disappeared or something

Sara: Hey the sun

Jimmy: It must be dawn that's probably why it was so dark

Rolf: Here there's my bike

Mike: that was weird

Sara: I don't think I’ve ever seen anything like that before in my life

Johnny: Yeah me either

Rolf: Well I’m just about ready to go home.

Johnny: Yeah

Mike: Hey Johnny where’s your bike?

Johnny: My bike? It’s. It should be right here with the rest of us

Sara: did you put it with the rest of us?

Johnny: Yeah I did

Rolf: Well I got to get outta here you guys

Jimmy: Hey look...

Mike: there (Pointing*)

Jimmy: Yeah. I think we just found your bike guys.

Johnny: I see it but how did it get up their?

Rolf: It’s like inside the tree...

Sara: It is inside the tree. More like it was swallowed up or grew by the tree hey do you guys think it’s possible?

Johnny: How do you figure? We were only just out here a couple of minutes.

Sara: I don't know...

Astonished looks*.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O

Sara: Hey Johnny if you like fine with it do you want hop on my bike and ride us home

Johnny: Yeah sure

Jimmy/mike/Rolf: snickers*

Sara: Oh come on grow up you guys...

Mike: Don’t listen to them I think you guys are cool

Rolf/jimmy: Hey you guys coming are not? /Yeah?!

Rolf/jimmy: See you guys later! Bye! /See you at school!

Sara: It’s going to be alright Johnny by the way do you want to switch I’m pretty tired?

Johnny: Yeah

Sara: Hey can you believe those guys, they just left us their

Johnny: At least were out of those forests.

Sara: Yeah

    Narrator: And so the next day came and we all went to school all that week but come the weekend we all were curious to see that tree that looked to of swallowed my bike. My mother still has not gotten over it. She says I’m irresponsible, maybe it was pretty dumb to go down their but when I told her what happened to my bike she wouldn't believe me. So I told them Lets go down there and take a picture so she will believe me. This time it was just me and Sara but when we headed down their next morning we noticed that there was a crowd gathering around what usually is a deserted entrance where everyone usually tries to avoid. (Reporter#1 Look it’s the amazing Tree!! #2 how did a bike get there?  #3 who cares this is top of the line news!! #THE TREE SWALLOWED IT UP!! #2 NO. IT HAD TO BE PUT THEIR! #3 WE'VE GOT TO GET A PHOTO an INTERVIEW!)

      As we see all these outsiders we know that we should be turning around and hightailing it out over there, so we did.

As soon as I got home my mom comes in and hugs me as tight as possible. Mother: Your fathers away dear and we have to keep quiet Ok? Son: What do you mean? Mom: Just don't talk to anybody we don't know or is strange. Son: Ok. well it’s still nice that she believes me now, I think

(two months Later) Natural wonder or tragic horror story

Here we are at the site of the amazing Tree that seems to of swallowed a child's bike we have more breaking coverage as we get details inside with our local correspondent Mitch. Now Mitch can you tell me what you see?

Mitch: Yes, well I can’t see much Kurt It’s getting to be pretty dark out here. It seems as though just like you were saying Kurt we have a very old tree with a very new bike attached to it. How I got up their we don't know but what we do know is that. Wait did you hear that? Camera man: Yea, what is that? Mitch: Sounds like rustling in the near bush, it’s pretty close. Kurt: What you got their Mitch? Mitch: Hold on, we’ll be right back after us. Camera man puts down the camera tries to reach his friend. Camera man: Hey we should be getting back to the van now, come on this place is give in me the creeps Ah!! ....Silence*

      and after that all we could see was him going into the forest brush then after that we heard nothing. A loud scream then. Dead silence.

The Sun sets, and we try to live through another day in our town of Darkens Falls.

(Whisper Trees) The veil it lifts how thin a thing it comes to be, come into our midst and let down your Guard Twisted turns and lovely falls await you has darkness falls. Laugh or cry underneath this all madness lies. We whisper Through Hallowed Halls We watch as we take your lives your lies and all your cries, go silent in the fear of Darkness.

Come into our midst as Darkness falls let down your guard to watch and listen to the whispers and songs, now. Stand in Au. As Darkness falls.

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