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Deffinitions and words ..

        Joseph Stalin believed in God and he called himself spiritual.
        However, he did not believe in intelligent design.  He called God: dialetical materialism.
        The spirit was organic and molded by nature and society. God was not supernatural.
        God was nature.

          Fast forward to ~ physicist ~ who define the universe as multiverses with no apparent
          intelligent design. This is anti-theist and also dialetical materialism.
          Marxist Communist presume that the government is the best way to understand God.
          The government is the people's God.

          Darwin's ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES, defined life as organic and molded by necessity.
          He called it  "Evolution."  He was not concerned with spirituality and theology.
          He made observations about nature and the animals living in it.
          This is a natural science and not anti-theist.  But, God is not studied..
          Darwin speculated that animals/mammals came out of the sea .. A fish crawled out of
          the ocean and eventually became a lizard/mammal.  The mechanism behind this radical
          change was evolution. Adaption is a change in one generation in a living organism.
          Evolution is a rise from one species, such as fish, to lizards which are another species:
          mammals. Darwin theorized the acting catalist on a simple organism to become more complex
          was necessity.

          A theistic evolutionist arguement is, That simple organism cannot become more complex on their own
                                                                    they require an Intelligent Designer/God to raise them up from fish
                                                                    to lizards to man. (From Science to God by John Sieger; Neumann Press)

          Muzzy's theory on the origin of life and God includes Charles Darwin and Buddhism.
          A novice monk asked his teacher "What is God?"  The teacher replied, "God is a turtle
          and the world rests on the back of the turtle's shell."
          The novice questioned, "What is the turtle standing on?"
          The teacher replied, "It is turtles all the way down."
          Is this science?  Well, if you can except the existence of infinite multiverses, then anything
          is possible.  Consider the alternative to an infinite multiverse.  Can something come from nothing?
          And no one knows how old or large a turtle can grow. My theory of infinite turtles is supported by
          physics. Stalin was obsessed with controling all the resourses of Russia and Charles Darwin had
          no knowledge of physics or DNA. I am aware of all these sciences and can posotulate that the planet
          is supported on the back of a giant turtle. .. You can't see the giant turtle, because its multidimessional.
          I call it Gamera; THE GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE! Prove me wrong. :)

          Perhaps the universe exist in the mind of God as the Hindu believes.
          In which case science is a fantasy.  And we are mock turtle soup.

          Are we all clear?



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