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It's always interesting when your ex "just stops by"
Romantic Relationship-Comedy Sketch

FADE: INTERIOR- Bedroom, Night

Tracy is a woman in her mid 20's, long brown hair, she is wearing a knee-length white nightgown.

She is sleeping soundly, the window next to her bed is open and a slight breeze is moving the billowy white curtains. She turns over and opens her eyes to see a figure standing next to the bed. She screams and sits up. The figure turns on the light. It's a scruffy looking brown werewolf wearing jeans and a Thrasher t-shirt.

STEVE ( the scruffy werewolf)
[Awkwardly, he sounds almost embarrassed]
Hey, sorry, hope I didn't scare you too bad…

Still sitting bolt upright in her bed, she rubs one eye with the back of her hand.

[Shocked, still processing what she's seeing]
Steve?! What the hell are you doing here?? What the hell happened to you?!?

Oh, yeah. I got bit by a werewolf a couple of months ago and now this happens to me every full moon. It's been such a hassle, I swear. I had to pretty much all but disappear from the scene because of it. There's such a stigma, it's really unfair.

[looking suspicious]
What are you doing here?

[Apologetically, he sits on the side of the bed next to her]
Oh! Oh, don't worry! It's not what you think, I'm totally not going to eat you. I was just in the neighborhood and saw your house. Made me miss you, we had some good times together. I heard you're single again, and just thought maybe we could catch up… maybe see if we can give it another shot… who knows, maybe it might just work out this time?

Montage of Steve and Tracy hanging out around the house:

scene 1- Front door entryway: Steve bringing in the newspaper (with his teeth) soaking wet because it’s raining out. He shakes off his coat like a dog. Tracy puts her hands up defensively to block the flinging water. She looks at him irritably. His tail shrinks between his legs and he walks away shamefully.

scene 2- Steve sleeping at the foot of the bed, nighttime. Tracy is reading a book. He sits up suddenly and starts growling, barking. He jumps off the bed and runs into the other room. Tracy gets up and follows him to see him at the front window barking. She looks out with a worried frown, only to see a neighborhood cat in the yard. “Get down, Steve. It’s OK boy…”

scene 3- Tracy cooking in the kitchen at the stove, accidentally drops a piece of food on the floor. She calls to Steve, he comes running in and eats the food off the floor. She pats him on the head “Thanks, boy”

INT Bedroom
Tracy is sitting on the couch watching a movie, the lights are out. Steve is lying on the couch curled next to her with his head in her lap.

[Stroking the fur behind his ears]
You’re right, buddy. It did work out much better this time…

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