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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Comedy · #1933840
I wish Kids in the Hall could've done this. *sigh*
Intergalactic Reality Show- Earthlings Gone Wild? Earth's Funniest Videos?

--Scene opens with a group of 4 stereotypical 1950's alien characters sitting around an oval or round table with pens, papers, computers, glasses of blue liquid. They are obviously in the middle of a meeting of some sort. There is random chatter and they are gesturing at each other animatedly as if discussing something pretty important.

Alien #1- Gorzok
Second- Belnak
Third- Rakzoid
Fourth- Zaldar

Gorzok: (overweight alien? sweaty and all stressed) "Ok, we have got to come to some sort of an agreement about this. The producers are looking for something new by tomorrow morning…"

Rakzoid: (whiny, dorky alien guy) "Uggh, my cranium is pulsating with the stress of this conundrum! What more could we possibly do?"

Belnak: (Kind of an asshole looking alien guy- Obviously annoyed by Rakzoid's whining) "Well there's got to be a concept out there we haven't thought of. Surely over the whole universe there is an idea we haven't used to entertain the mindless masses."

Gorzok: "They want reality, always reality. No plot with any quality, no story, no character development. Just endless sex and violence. What is our society coming to?!?"

Zaldar: (The lead writer?) "We have already used every reality show idea out there: The quarknaar with the most mass; The zonari shore; Sorneerean idol! Not to mention all the variations and spinoffs…"

--While this conversation is happening, an attractive female enters with more bluejuice and pours. Belnack makes eye contact and winks at her, slaps her on the rear. She rolls her eyes and smacks him upside the cranium.

Zaldar: (Looking thoughtful) "You know, theres this tiny planet the guys in R&D were telling me about in the milky way galaxy where the life forms are primitive but have potential for entertaining behavior, particularly if alcohol is introduced into their digestive systems. Perhaps if we study them and learn their ways we can develop a new program based upon this behavior that will be sufficient to entertain our people."

--Cut to montage of the guys coming to earth, studying and writing, interacting with primitive humans, drinking, acting drunk, Belnak making out with female primitives, Rakzoid is passed out and the others are fucking with him, showing them how to make fire- the cavemen are dancing around the fire with hot chicks. They say to each other "we're gonna live forever!!!" then one of them accidentally catches fire. The aliens are all aghast, then they laugh, etc. Then knocking the primitives unconscious and leaving the planet.--

Gorzok: "Those earthlings are hilarious!! We have material for a show for light years, all we have to do is return every century or so and introduce new alcoholic beverages for their consumption!"

Belnak: "Yes, and their females give up the snusnu so easily as well!!"

Zaldar: "Good work, guys. I think we've got a winner…"

--All raise blue liquid glasses and cheer: "To drunken earthlings!!"--

--Cut to montage of clips of earth's stupidest drunkards, show ratings charts with upward progression…

"To drunken earthlings!!"

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