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before finally reaching the dwarven realm,our heroes assist young theron acheive his goal.
[continued from ep 2pt1]

Paroth-So whats the complication?

Young Theron-Theres a giant that has taken residence in the grove where the flute is located.It attacks anything that draws near.Ive been sending mercenaries and adventurers alike to try to take that thing down,but most have perished or fled.

Arnatule-Hmmm well that is a problem.I had to drive off a giant or two in my youth defending Glowvale.

Paroth-Wait..theres giants that attack Glowvale?

Young Theron-Im actually from there.Its been fifty years since ive visited.Im surprised that that Keepr Mikalnas passed on.

Arnatule's eyes widen

Arnatule-Wait...I know you!

Young Theron-Yes,I know.The young paleskin that left with his father to adventure the lands.So..will you help?

Arnatule-Hmm well i dont supose youd come with us paleskin?

Young Theron-My names Theron,but yes.Its time I join in and see how big this giant is.Just keep me alive for your reward.

-end scene4-
-begin scene 5-

-camera cuts to interior therons cave with brune listining attentively-

Theron-it took some time to convince Serinah,but in the end they accepted my task.

-flashback sequence cuts to exterior forest environment.-

Young Theron-Here we are.The creature is roumered to be nearby so be careful.

-Theron,Serinah,Paroth and Arnatule unsheath their wepons as they hear a low groan sound in the distance-

Arnatule-From the sound of it hes a huge one.

-camera cuts to a puddle in the ground showing ripples followed by loud thud sounds-

Paroth-Get ready,I think hes nearby.

-camera cuts to a giant club quickly coming down as Paroth shoves Theron out the way while rolling away from the attack.Serinah and Arnatule dive out of the way in the process.Arnatule quickly gets up and runs off into the forest then turns around and fires arrows while the giant is swinging his club around to try to hit Paroth and Theron.-

Serinah-Allright thats it...IM MAD!
-Serinah jumps up onto the club and runs tward the giants eye impaling it with her staff-


giant roars in pain and smacks serinah with the club.Serinah flies thrugh a tree as the giant growls.

Paroth-Now youve made me mad.Theron! Aim for the back of the knees!

-Young theron quickly rolls out the way from being stomped and uses his daggers to slice into the giants back knee areas.the giant falls on its knees and roars while knocking paroth back.paroths body collides with arnatule as it knocks arnatule back while catching paroth.arnatule moves paroth off of him then gracefully jumps from branch to branch while pulling out the lifegiver sword.


-slow motion capture of Arnatule nearly being hit in the head with the giants club and arnatule slicing off the giants head.-

Theron [narrating]-That was the most impressive yet wreckless thing ive ever seen but they got the job done.Serinah was knocked out during the fight but she helped turn the tide while arnatule made the kil.

-camera shows Paroth Arnatule and Theron helping Serinah out-

Serinah-Ugh...I hope that flute was worth it.

Young Theron-Youll see.Now that the giants out the way...watch this.

-Young Theron takes out a lute and begins to play-

Young Theron[singing]-Goddes of song my love and my heart,the giant is slain so please fear not.Your champion is here after so long,so sing for me dear how the angels sing songs.

-Young Theron motions them to remain quiet.suddely a beautiful voice sings back and replies.-

Goddess Siren[singing]-Theron my love is it reallly you?All the time i thought something happend to you.Heart of my hero brave and strong return to me so I may hold you tight where you belong.

-Young Theron motions them to follow him as he smile happily-

Young Theron[singing]-My love here i come,and ive brought guests.The ones who put that nasty beast to rest.Heart of your hero brave and strong,here i come to hold you all day long

Goddess Siren-Theron my hero here i am.

-the Goddess Siren appears in front of them holding a flute.the two kiss passionately-

Theron-Siren,my love,I bring you three special pepole.From what they told me your sister Nira is free.

-Serinah and Arnatule gasp.Goddess siren smiles.-

Paroth-So wait shes a Goddess in love with you?Shes been safegaurding the flute?I think youve got some explaining to do Theron!

-camera cuts to various pictures as Goddess Siren speaks-

Goddes Siren-Dont worry yourself.Theron.Ill explain it.My sister is Nira,but technically im a Goddess whom was exiled for not being a useful Goddess.My sister urged me to be an elemental Goddess,but i refused.I took in the beautiful sounds that mortals call music.Thus i was sealed away inside my flute by Zeus.But then in my dispair Theron found me by accident and we fell in love.Hes been my gaurdian...my champion.When someone plays my flute it forces me to sing.I dont mind,but i rather do it myself so i dont harm someone.

Young Theron smiles as he holds her hand.camera cuts to Serinah crying tears of joy

Serinah-Aww thats...thats so romantic!I cant even describe it!

Goddes Siren-I see your songs preistess....you wish you had something like myself and Theron,but you only need to choose to accept the changes of your pepole.

Serinah-Aw youre just being silly.Besides prestiesses of my pepole-

Goddess Siren-are no longer relavant and will soon follow your new gods. Remain faithful to them.If i know my sister Nira shed encourage it.

Paroth-Um..excuse me,im a bit confused here.

Serinah smacks Paroths helment

Serinah-Nevermind...Its a girl thing.


Arnatule shakes his head

Arnatule-So about our payment theron?

Young Theron smiles and looks to Goddess Siren

Young Theron-Honey please give these pepole a big bag of gold.enough to last them a season of traveling.

Goddess Siren-Ok.but i tire of hiding in the forest.Can you take me with you?

Young Theron-Ok..well just this once,but stick to the tavrens and sing ok?

Goddes Srien smiles estaticly as she plays her flute and a branch falls off of a tree and turns to pure gold.

Godess Siren-There are beifits to being natures sister as well as a Goddess of bards.Hehe.
end scene 5.-
begin scene 6-

Theron[narrating]-After returning to Granite Ridge,we accompanied the Blackstone Brothers to the caravan.It had split off into a seperate route and arrived at a small entrance.

camera cuts to a small tunnel as balgon stands in front of it.

Balgon-hope you all arent spooked by a small tunnel.the first streatch is a bit tough.were gonna have to crawl through for at least a half mile.from there its easy walking.it leads to an old pathway that leads into the castless district.be careful with your belongings or youll most likely get ripped off and possibly sold to the highest bidder.its how the outcasts of our kind survive.

arnatule-hmm,seems that its going to be an intresting way there.

balgon-yeah but at least with me around you can talk to the high king.before we get there,im going to head over to my home away from home.

paroth-its not another bar is it?last time...

serinah-damn it paroth dont remind me.

-flashback of balgon wearing serinas sexy breastplate armour and armored leggings-

balgon-what are you lookin at you miserable sods *hiccup*this is the finest chest peice armor forged in the fires of KalRho-

-balgon faints and camera cuts to serinah-

serinah-ive still yet to get the smell of ale out of it.

balgon-hey sorry again..but that must mean that you dont have anything under those robes...heheeheeh

-camera cuts to balgons point of view as balgon is knocked outby serinah.camera cuts to balgon crawling with the others inside the tunnel with a black eye.-

paroth-....told you shes a firey one balgon.

balgon-gah shut up duster...

arnatule chuckles

young theron-how much furthur balgon?weve ben down here for hours.

balgon-dont worry.just gotta find a panel here..*grunts*there! again,watch your wallet.this area is called dust town.bunch of castless would rob you of your stones if it ment living.the caste systems strict but its a way of life here.

-camera cuts to balgon helping out the others crawl out of a hole.a few huts are scattered around them as a few castless go about their lives.-

theron [narating]-surprisingly we avoided any trouble and were able to go to the palace directly.

-camera cuts to various scenes of a masive dwarven civilization.the screen displays the words"kingdom of Kalrhoha" camera cuts to the heroes approaching a palace. camera cuts to two dwarven sentries on top of giant wolves saluting him.-

blagon-inform the high king that myself and the people with me request an audiance.we will await in the throne room.

a dwarven sentry salutes and hops off his wolf and runs inside.camera cuts to the heroes awaiting the high king.fanfare plays.

cryer-i present to you his excelencey,high King Sawstone the Greater.all kneel before his compassionate rule.

the high king sits himself at his throne as the heroes kneel.

balgon-your majesty,i prestent to you some adventurers to the realm seeking entry to the temple.however they also deliver news most disturbing.outside the gates of our metropolis resides an army gathering to attack us.these adventurers wish to plea their case as to how this army can be queled without issue.

king stonesaw.-this is indeed troubling news.please tell me what you intend to do.

theron [narrating]it took time explaining the situation to the high king....

camera blacks out and comes into view of the high king standing

king stonesaw-i see....that would explain why the temple is only accessible through magical means.weve had to hire mages in order to explore it.arnatule,paroth,serinah,and theron...my thanks for your information.i give you leave to investigate the ruins for this god,on the condition you assist balgon ward of the attackers.balgon has one other matter to attend to though.there have been reports of humans acting up and trying to cause trouble sparadicly within our city.i suspect that if what they say is true that there may be spies infliuncing the local bandit rabbel.do what you do best my friend and drink pepole under the table untill you learn something.

balgon looks at the heroes and shrugs his shoulders.

balgon-very well my king.ill investigate this myself.just be sure that theres a few extra gaurds nearby if i get too rowdy.have the travelers join my forces at the gate.summon the other generals as well.its gonna be a huge army so we should greet them the same.

king stonesaw-in the meantime arnatule i request to have our scribes study your sword.if what you claim is true there may be a link between the sword and the temple.the rest of you,do what balgon asks of you.

young theron plays the flute to summon Goddess Siren

young theron-remember stick to the tavrens ok dear?try to find a smal one.send a clue if ya can.

Goddess siren-right my love.dont be too long.

camera cuts to balgon entering a bar as a dwarf noble was thrown out.

balgon-hmm seems as if i found the spot.*burp*time to get these guys a good eviction.

balgon opens the doors as camera pans to a group of bandits,a mage,and a grifin sneering at him


banit-oh yeah?you and what army?

balgon-i dont need an army.ill take you all down BY MYSELF!YAHHHHH!

-camera shows balgon unsheathing his wepon and charging the group of bad guys.camera cuts to the interior gate area where an entire army is gathering.-

young theron-i feel bad for Siren....

paroth-dont wory,im sure shes fine.besides we can-

Goddess siren-you can start by telling me what you are doing here theron!

Goddess siren grips young therons ear while yong theron grunts-

goddess siren-ive been worried about you theron! and youre off to fight and get killed!? im not gonna let you!Im going with you!

goddess serinah stuffs her flute into young therons pocket and kisses him.

young theron blushes and rols his eyes.

young theron-well at least you sometimes sence what im thinking.well do this togeather.merge your spirit with mine again so we can survive ok?

goddess siren-you sure?last time i left you almost died...

young theron-massive army,little hope,i think il take my chances.

serinah runs up to paroth and punches him.

serinah-ugh you always need to be alert paroth.that could have been an axe...

paroth-calm down serinah.besides theres alot of lonely huns versus an army worth fighting with.


paroth shuts serinah up by kissing her deeply for 10 seconds as serinah suddenly moans.

paroth-well had to make sure you didnt anger our dwarven allies...

serinah blushes deeply

paroth-try not to take that to heart.i dont want you ruining your vows.

paroth-well were wating on balgon now...but where is he.

balgon walks up panting and falls down

balgon-stone on ancestors that was exhausting.

paroth-where were you?

balgon-oh i donno...a horde of bandits in a bar supported by a mage ánd a damn GRIFON TENDS TO MAKE YOU THINK YOURE SCREWED! YOU DAMNDABLE DUSTERS!

balgon goes on top of a podium above the army.

balgon-listen up men and women of Kalrhoha!we have an enemy army gathered outside of your gates! they say you wil fall into the sky! however ill hear no such nonsence! we go forward with the legions to gain glory and honor for fighting for our city! we have no idea what the army outside has as far as specilization goes,but we have our many legions with brave men and women!we are forged from the stone that will crush these men!they will know not to tresspas on our turf.for a band of our elete spearman,the legion of the skull is with us.give them the honor of attacking first,and all will see the glory of our armies!may this day decred by our king be a day full of paroagons whos decendats will be remembered for ages past!lets tear those men a new arse!

gates open as the entire army charges out.camera cuts to the hunic camp as volnomu swatches.


balgon-time to show em why i won the proving a decade in a row.Wait for them to gather and come to us!

paroth-sure were suited for the front line?

balgon-just use your spells like you claimed youve learned from arnatule.hes back with the king to furthur study his wepon.i have a strange hunch that may help us in the long run.our goal is to stall them while your friend finds out whatever it is about the sword.lets do this.

continued on legacy of nira ep 2 pt 3
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