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by Lizzy
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just a guess into my grandfathers life
Victor left for work earlier than usual on that overcast Monday. His beautiful wife and two children watched him walk down the street. He walked tall and proud, a disguise he wore for the benefit of his family. As he turned the corner to walk through the park his posture changed. His shoulders were slumped with the weight of his family's need and his beat up briefcase hung from one hand. He hated his job, it was menial and all an uneducated immigrant like him could do. He followed the paved path through the trees, each step bringing his spirit down more.

As he strolled through the quiet tree line pathway, he daydreamed. Even since arriving in America from Austria, he's done nothing but support his family. His family is still incredibly close, even as his younger brother became a lawyer and his younger sister married a wealthy man. He is proud of his siblings and misses his parents every day. But he still wonders if there is more to life, more than just a supporting role.

He stops his walk and looks around, amazed at the quiet and the beauty of the trees in the craziness of Chicago. As he looks at the trees he starts to remember the boat ride across the ocean, a boat ride that was suppose to bring him to a new and better life. He remembers how much the boat rocked and how his dreams where interrupted by caring for his little sisters.

As he continues down the paved pathway lined with trees, he reminisces on his past. He smiles at the memory of the glimmer of excitement in his families eyes as they crossed the Canadian border into America. His smile grows wider at the memory of marrying his beautiful wife. As he remembers the birth of his son and then his daughter, his posture straightens. The memory of his brother's graduation from law school, his shoulders are thrown back. With each step and another happy memory, he realizes that his life may not been as he dreamed but he certainly is blessed. He goes through his work day, eager to get back home.
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