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by priti
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Love is an emotion, a sacred feeling that binds two unknown hearts together.
Human beings are emotional creatures created by God. Love is that sacred feeling that takes us into a heavenly world.It is a wonderful feeling when we find people around us love us, adore us and care for our well being. Similarly when we love someone, love is felt in giving as well. It is an abstract feeling that could be felt without uttering a single word or presenting it in some form. It can be felt through the look in the eyes of the lover, through the care a mother gives to her child. It can be felt in to the words of a poet or in the blessings of God.

It is strange that how two unknown people, after meeting each other, starts feeling love for each other. There is some sort of attraction that binds the two souls together. Sometimes we really don't know why we like someone so much,why we like to see someone again and again, why we want that special someone to be around, why we start expecting a similar response from the other side too. A mother never knows what make her to care first for the children and then think for herself. She never knows why she can't swallow her food if her baby is hungry. She never knows what make her stand bravely in front of all odds that comes in her baby's way. Though she might not be that brave for herself. All such great feelings express love.

Meaning of love is not complicated. Love starts with attraction not only physical but also attraction between the two souls. That is how two lovers begin their love life. A mother's love for her child is also similar. That is why when she takes her baby first time in her hands, love comes out in the form of tears in her eyes. Love then grows with caring and sharing, a sort of mutual understanding. Love passes its test then when it becomes so much that pain and people don't bother. It becomes heavenly, sacred with sacrifices for each other.

Times have passed by and with that meaning of love has changed its definition. Now the human race believes more in receiving than giving. Attraction is more physical thus the love floats on the surface while the souls remain apart. Caring and sharing is dependent on mood, choice, spare time. Mutual understanding is now only self understanding. I like this, this is my way, I don't like this. This is called self understanding. Pain and people matter more than anything in life and Love is no more a sacred feeling. We only have complicated its meaning and feeling.

The real feeling of Love comes from within. Then it hardly matters whether you love more or our partner loves more. The pleasure of love is in giving, in caring and less in receiving. In broader sense, its only our reflection when we see the other smiling at us. Love is happiness, fun, enthusiasm. So grow happiness, have fun and distribute enthusiasm rather than evaluating our partner. Its more important that we love somebody than whether he loves or not. If we will try to hurt our partner, our heart will also get injured. So wise thing to do is stop evaluating our love. Think less to receive and love our partner with open arms. Love will definitely come back to us. Don't make love materialistic, a non-living object. Cultivate it with our true devotion and emotion.

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