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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Adult · #1934298
Passage from a novel I'm working on
It was 2am and I was patiently waiting for a knock at my door. I'd been in the hotel bar most of the night sipping on champagne, admiring the men as they walked by. I don't know whether it was the bubbles going to my head but I was on a hunt, after two failed marriages, a stint in Paris with a man named Claude and a hefty debt bestowed onto me from my former (now deceased) husband I just wanted a night of passion.

A no strings attached, one night stand, a reason to feel good, hopefully for more than five minutes if they could handle their worth.
I came across a guy at the bar, he was at the far end as I sat admiring my nails. Every now and then I gave a glance over to see if he was still checking me out (of course he was) my Victorias Secret bra was peeping out of my blouse and no man can resist that (or resist wanting to see what was underneath it)
After checking my phone to make sure I had no missed calls from my housekeeper, I looked up to see a crisp new glass of Veuve Clicquot.

"With complements from Mr Clayton"

I looked over to where Mr Clayton sat, (still looking) a tip of the head was suitable enough to thank him for the champagne.. or so I thought. Upon closer inspection of the glass I noticed there was a napkin tucked underneath with (now bleeding) ink on. I opened it carefully unaware as to what I was going to find, but what I did find took me by surprise and sent a shiver down my spine. The message read "You look like the kind of girl I'd love to fuck all night long" I couldn't help but blush. Within a minute I'd scrawled my room number onto the napkin and left.

A knock came at the door, a smile crossed my lips for second as I stood to adjust my skirt. As my Louboutins crossed the floor towards the door I felt a rush, an unexplainable rush, it may have been fear, it may have been nerves but I knew deep down it was excitement.
I opened the door and sure enough there was Mr Clayton, his jet black hair was combed back, his tie was undone and he looked like he was already happy to see me.

He walked in uninvited (not that I minded) and grabbed me by the waist, he pulled me towards him his aftershave taking hold of me, Jean Paul Gaultier for sure. "Well it looks like my luck was in when I spotted you at the bar" he said with ragged breath. I could hardly catch my breath to respond as he was kissing on my neck, but I knew I had to reply. "Count yourself a lucky man Mr Clayton". He kissed me harder, his hands had found the zip on the back of my skirt and with one quick move it was round my ankles.
Here I was stood in the middle of a hotel room in nothing but a blouse, some beautiful knickers and a pair of stilettos. I knew I wouldn't be in any of it much longer.

He threw me down on the bed and pulled at the buttons on his shirt as I looked up at him in anticipation of seeing his body. I knew he was going to be muscular I could tell by his arms, the firmness through the shirt had given it all away. He pulled the shirt open and I was right, I'd never seen a man like it, my former husbands had been avid gym goers and after 2 years of marriage they couldn't be bothered to keep any kind of exercise regime up (much to their own loss). I grabbed his belt buckle and pulled him down to kiss me, I felt the curve of his already semi hard penis through his suit pants, it looked like I was in for a treat.
I stroked him as he moaned in my ear, his hands found their way back up from my thighs and tore at my blouse revealing the cup of my left breast, it was already visible by my hard nipples that I was wanting more.

His hands cupped my bra running over the tops of my breasts before he maneuvered his hands behind my back arching me up to get at the clasp. Within two seconds my bra was on the floor, his hands running over my soft chasms. kissing down my neck, i felt my toes curl. His tongue circled my nipples as he looked at me, the warmth of his tongue running around the edge of them was sending me into overdrive, god knows what he was going to do when he went lower.

He stood up, his pants tighter than before, I shuffled forward on the bed and ripped his belt off in fine time, I could feel him throbbing through the expensive material of his pants. I unbuttoned his pants and reached for the zipper, pulling it down slowly, teasing him along the way. His pants dropped to the floor revealing some very tight Andrew Christians, It took everything in me to stop my jaw from opening at the site of his package. I pulled them off and out sprung his now fully erect cock.

I'd never seen a length like it, i cupped his balls looking up at him, his come hither eyes just taunting me to take it in my sweet little mouth to which I happily obliged. His head went back as I went through the motions, he felt warm and wet inside my mouth and now it was time to show him some of my tongue skills.

After five minutes of jaw acrobatics I lay back, it was my turn to be pleasured, I felt like a sexual deviant, revoked of pleasure for so long this was like all my Christmas' had came at once, and I wanted him to shower me with his gift.

He climbed onto the bed, the lust in his eyes I could tell he wanted to explore more of me, he came closer pulling my body towards him his hands gripping my hips with vigor. He inched towards me and I gripped the pillow next to me and before I knew it, he had slid his entirety inside of me, it felt warm, and it felt good.

He pulled me up on top of him and put my legs around his waist and threw me up against the hotel room wall, the mirror to the right of me fell and shattered to the floor, but I couldn't think about the damage that was done I was too busy getting sent on a sexual high.
He thrust into me with such experience I felt my legs quiver. I was not used to a man taking such control, he knew exactly what he was doing and he knew how to make me moan, it was exactly what I needed. It felt like all the worries in my life vanished in that moment
He slammed into me again with considerable ease, my heart rate was getting even faster at the intensity of this ride. He started biting my lip pulling my hair gently and then whisked me away to the shower room. My my this was turning into a sexual escapade like no other.

The water started dripping down my back his hands all over me, his mouth taking me places I had never been, he made his way down past my dripping breasts and even further to my jutting hips. He slipped my leg around his neck and pulled me closer into him, i felt his warm breath at the entrance of me, and there it was, the warmth once again of his tongue, sending ripples through my spine as i arched my back.

Euphoria. I felt like I could see again, everything seemed brighter, the water still engulfing me, my fingers just about working after clenching them for the climax. I looked down at Mr Clayton, seeing the pleasure on his face at what he had given me.

I knelt down in front of him kissing him gently, pushing him back slowly to the floor, i slid down his body, water droplets running down his stomach, the heat of his body was electric, enticing, rich with masculinity, I wanted him even more.
I spread his legs edging closer to him, he ran his fingers through my hair. I touched him slowly, and took him inside my mouth, his head went back once again. Just the touch of my lips was enough to make his body race, I worked him till the point of no return, he took short gasps of breath not knowing if he could take any more. I was in my stride, I knew exactly how to work this situation to both our advantages. I went faster, moving my hands along his torso as I immersed myself in the task, and in that moment, he let go.... completely.
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