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by Deb
Rated: E · Poetry · Cultural · #1934431
Poem for time capsule
Ode to 2012

Time has flown by
In the blink of an eye
A year in blazing glory
2012's indelible story

January began an election year
Obama and Romney hold our ear
Oil embargo in Iran
Nevada wildfire burns the land

Cruise ship suddenly runs aground
Yahoo co-founder not around
Obama compromise on contraception
Anything goes to win an election

Burning Quran, Holy War
Afgan riots killing more
Superbowl won by Giants
Washington approves Gay alliance

Putin elected in Russia
Ceasefire scheduled now in Syria
Soldier kills Afgan civilians
Affordable Health Care may cost millions

Obama and Romney neck and neck
Only politics on T.V...... what the heck
California school shooting 7 are dead
Unstable weather watched with dread

Earthquake, Tsunami, Tornado's too
What's a person supposed to do?
North Carolina takes a bold stand
Marriage for Gay couples banned

Obama suddenly changes his mind
Same sex marriage is just fine
Colorado and New Mexico wildfires destroying
Dow down hard, beyond annoying

Syria shoots down Turkish warplane
$100 billion Euros to bail out Spain
Serena Williams and Federer reclaim Wimbledon
Gunman kills fourteen at premier of "Batman"

London Olympics, grandiose lighting of the flame
No lights in India, 700 Million go on just the same
"Curiosity" roves on mars
No more money for space or stars

U.S. Ambassador killed in Libya
Civil war announced in Syria
Sandusky sentenced for sex abuse at Penn State
Nation tunes in for presidential debate

The eastern shore, battered by hurricane
Flooding and rampage "Sandy" by name
Obama politics, 4 more years
He promises everything to calm our fears

Israel and Gaza are at it again
Wars and rumors, there is no end
Fiscal Cliff threatens.. over we fall
$588 million won by two in power-ball

CIA Patraeus resigns, sex scandal in twos
England rejoices for Wills and Kate's baby news
Gunman kills 27 in elementary school slaying
We hold children close, on our knees praying

Seems it's been a rather negative year
With wars and storms, shootings, and fear
Oh.. but the biggest news is this
The Mayan say we will cease to exist

So if you are reading this in 2038
The earth is still turning so "That" news is Great!!!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1934431-Ode-to-2012