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a journey to retain curiosity
In the ambient light that showered upon me, I tried to endure it for the sake of watching the dark veins beneath my eyes. The slumber was yet to be finished. But in all that commotion, my sight wandered off to a usual object, a “pen” .the light rode through its brushed aluminium top, slowly touching as if one is embracing a flower. The reflected light stinged my sleepy eyes resulting an unfathomable amount of thoughts. I never felt anything unusual as all of it was too obvious.

But the surge was quick to erase my obviousness. Dumbfounded,  I couldn’t help it, but to dissolve into it’s illusion . At the same time, frozen by the moment, I was steaming with joy.  I took the pen, then  saw a speck of light growing before me. It stopped as it reached the size of my hands.

Sharp nose like a rat, but not hairy .a small pig tail in the back and small wings like a chick.

To my amazement, it floated in air. I was not afraid, just “curious “to see it. I waited impatiently for the next thing it would do. It slowly floated to my hand. It grabbed me .a shiver went through my spine.

Suddenly, it pulled me. Of all the possibilities, how can a creature so small pull me?

Within seconds, my legs swayed in air. I was airborne even before I started thinking about it. The strength of the pull was enormous. Like gravity I was pulled to the creature which transformed into a space of light. I struggled for a breath of air. I felt as if I was going to be consumed. With all my strength, I forced out from that shell of despair.

Back to reality, I tried to remember everything. From the void I came from. I became a curious inventor. I was barraged by failures, but I embraced it and learned to move on. I was on the verge of becoming successful. Then, I was afraid to move on trying to be content with what I achieved. That thought was like recoil, threw me back to the void from where I came. I lost my will to go on. For I only hoped to rot with time.

In a pause of time, I saw a flicker. It repeated itself like a heartbeat. Without a heart I turned to look at it. The view was too blurred to be seen. I tried to get a closer look. It was futile.

Within seconds. A familiar thought passed my mind.

“I’ve seen it before”

The light became clear as the blue sky. It was the small speck that I saw earlier in my life’s asked it. “What are you?”

The creature turned its head, then nodded and scratched its head.

I thought it would understand. Nevertheless I was happy to see it. Courage filled in and I grabbed the creature. Like a pet I patted it head and took it in my hand.

Then it spoke.”I’m your everyday curiosity”

Of course you are, as I smiled at it.

“I admit that I was once afraid to embrace you completely, but this time, I won’t quit. I will struggle for the change".

The creature smiled.

I knew that for a change, time is only a spectator what I thought the shell of despair was nothing more than a test of my curious mind .I embraced the pigtailed without even a speck of disregard. I whispered to the creature, “I have an idea, let’s make it real”.

The smile in it’s face didn’t gave me an answer for my future obstacles, but I showed me how to stand in the pinnacle of success.

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