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I wrote this after Haitian quake but emotions still are same for Oklahoma.

Regine gave me a hug today
Not because she’s so fond of me
She finally got word from Haiti
Her mom has survived the earthquake.

I gave Michelle a hug today
Not because I’m so fond of her
But she has heard from Haiti too
Many of her loved ones perished.

I wish I could be there to help
I feel so useless writing checks
So let the heroes do their work
And I’ll stick to love, hugs and prayers.

They need all the help they can get
It was that way even before
Why do we wait for disasters
Before helping people in need?

Some say they brought this on themselves
It comes from the voodoo culture
God’s had enough of that nonsense
They need to be taught a lesson.

Why would God do this to poor folks
Aren’t they suffering enough
No jobs, no schools and no future
So many seek promise elsewhere.

So, tell me what the evils were
That caused each earthquake in history
Does it make us better people
Cause we don’t live on a fault line?

I know conditions are tough there
Nothing worked right before the quake
But living with strife and disease
Doesn’t curtail ones emotions.

I know many people raised there
There’s some good, some bad, just like us
I know if this happened to me
They’d share what little they had.

I so wish that I could do more
If my tears were gold, I’d fix it
Please accept my humble gestures
Of compassion, love, hugs and prayers.
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