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A case for Mars.
Dear NASA...

I love Mars!  It is my favorite planet.  Mercury is too barren, Venus too misty, Jupiter too big, Saturn too ringy, Uranus too tipped over, Neptune too windy, and Pluto too cold.  But Mars is just right!  I’ve loved Mars ever since I was a little kid, when I used to look at it through my telescope.

I’m in the mood for Mars!  Simply because it’s up there!  And it being up there was a big influence.  As a kid, I had two hamsters, and I named them Phobos and Deimos, after Mars’ two moons.  And I even had a tree-house once which I lovingly called The Red Planet.  All the kids in the neighborhood would come to The Red Planet.

When in grade school, we had to do a science project, and my project was on Mars.  I made a scale model of the planet, and I even represented that high volcano that‘s on Mars.  My teacher said I was her favorite Martian.

I eat, drink and sleep Mars!  It moves me, excites me, and inspires me:

    In the night it’s Mars I see,
        that is where I’d like to be.
          Planet with an ancient past,
            O my heart is beating fast!
              Take my heart, I give to you,
                  Mars is what I want to do!

I would love to see the Face on Mars, and I’d like to explore that big valley.  I could help out with lots of things--I am quite handy.  I wouldn’t take up much space in the ship, and I have my own helmet.

Please pick me as the first civilian/non-astronaut to go to Mars.

Yours in Mars,


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May 25, 2013
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