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35 rhyming couplets of complete, absolute and total nonsense.

Oogle boogle, bugle boy;
He only does it to annoy.

Sentient lampposts staring, blind;
Would thou were not so unkind.

Eeenie, meenie, minie, mo
Donald Duck is all the go.

In the garden, in the rain;
Chocolate causes too much pain.

Perfect teeth are all a myth;
Backwards run our kin and kith.

If you want to write for cash;
Use the ointment for the rash.

Exercise your dented brain;
Paint the concrete cat again.

All the world is one big place;
I always called her Auntie Grace

Blow the trumpet, bang the drum;
Never listens to his mum.

Daughters weigh as much as sons;
Hot and spicy currant buns.

No more steak, just tripe for tea;
Extirpate the old oak tree.

Fill the glass and quaff a bumper
Disney named his rabbit Thumper.

Orthodontists rarely play;
Moon by night and sun by day.

‘Tis said, “Fair blows the wind for France”;
Taking Suzie to a dance.

In the furnace of the heart;
Someone stole my horse and cart.

Climb the hill, strive for the sky;
Ice cream’s nice with apple pie.

Take those boring shoes away;
In the torment of the day.

Tawdry bits of glass and chrome;
Is the answer “Home, Sweet Home”?

Slipping on the slick, black ice;
“Get my hair done, must to look nice.”

Tumble, tumble, all around;
Cookies scattered on the ground.

Soars the pennant, flies the flag;
“I left it in my other bag.”

Snuggle up, turn out the light;
Silver goldfish, what a sight!

Highland troops - the thin red line;
Out for tea; be back by nine.

Win the contest; take the prize;
Maggots turn to sticky flies.

Simple pleasures calm the mind;
Catching mice with bacon rind.

Bitter butter better brew;
One by one and two by two.

In the darkness of the night;
Infant reindeer curl up tight.

Poor King Charles had lost his head;
Should have left it by the bed.

When I lost the will to sing;
Serving chips with everything.

Strident turnips scream and shout;
What on earth is this about?

If you start to lose control;
Blame it all on Rock’n’Roll.

No more coffee, no more tea;
The door is locked; who took the key?

Boil the broth and make it clear;
Prophets say “The End Is Near”.

Into every life some rain;
Is it me? Am I insane?

Wake in terror, wake in joy;
Oogle boogle bugle boy.
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