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by Angus
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Their One Night Of Freedom


Under the full moon,
the creatures danced.

Some of them twirled,
and some of them pranced.

The figures were dark,
they were just silhouettes.
But I knew they saw me,
as they did pirouettes.

No two were alike
in shape or in size.
One had a tail,
another three eyes.

“Creatures like these,
I’m sure I’ve not seen,”
I told my companion,
whose name was Irene.

“I have once,” she replied,
“on a night just like this.
They come from a place,
a place that’s called Dis*.”

“Dis?” I asked her.
“Of this place I’ve not heard.”
“Look in Webster’s,” she answered,
“and you’ll find that word.”

“So why do they dance?”
I asked of my friend.
She said, “Their life on this earth
has come to an end.

“But though their bodies in life
have been laid in the ground,
does not mean their souls
are still not around.

“The one night they have
to get away from that place
is when the sky shows the stars
and the moon its full face.”

I watched as they danced
in the light of the moon,
and when the stars went away
they returned to their doom.

*According to Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language (1984), 'Dis' is defined as:
1. Home of the dead
2. God of the lower world
3. Hades



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