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Waxing poetic about food...
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Welcome back to Elle's Kitchen, and thanks to all who have subscribed. 

Last week's newsletter challenged you to prove that you didn't have to be a professional chef or baker to write a how-to article about food.  The winning entry came from Sparky .  If you've ever wanted to cook a steak 'Australian style', everything you need to know is in this article.

Ssspths...Done...JUST PERFECT! Mmm!  (E)
How to cook a steak, Barbecue, Australian Style. (Ok, Sparky style then)
#1934211 by Sparky

Spread around the oil until its all over the place, and plate. Make sure your dog doesn't jump up on the barbecue and nick off with the steak.
As I said before, with your barbecue plate showing a nice healthy haze of blue smoke over it, hot enough that you KNOW you'd lose your tongue if you tried tasting the plate, then chuck (throw) your steak on - the barbecue, not on your tongue yet.

Now, being a Kiwi, I'm a Marmite girl myself, so I might have to challenge Sparky to a cook off!  Marmite steak vs Vegemite steak!  *Laugh*  Seriously though, thanks to all who entered.  Keep reading for another chance to win a food/cooking merit badge.

Have you ever sat down to dinner and eaten something that really made your tastebuds dance?  A symphony of flavours?  The perfect blend of aroma, flavour and texture?  Sparky probably describes his steak like that!  *Laugh*  We often use poetry to describe the wonders of food, but how often do we take that poetry and put it on the page?  Well, actually you'd be surprised.  I was surprised.  People do write poetry about food, and it's pretty tasty.  *Smirk*

Did you know there's even a form of poetry solely for food?  The Epulaeryu is reserved for writing about gastronomic delights.  But a clever poet could take any form and create eloquent poetry about flavours, aromas and visual feasts.  You can.  Oh yes, it's your chance to win another merit badge!

Merit Badge in Food Cooking
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Requested as part of your shower from  [Link To Item #saj] . *^*Smile*^*

Write a poem about food.  Use any form you like, no minimum or maximum length.  Send it in to me, and I'll award a merit badge to my favourite, and share it in the next newsletter.  You have until 2nd June to send it in. 

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 Simmering Curry  (E)
A poem which talks about the simmering curry
#1915469 by LostGhost: Seeking & Learning

LostGhost: Seeking & Learning takes a savoury dish and has us salivating to taste it...  She masters the Epulaeryu (and is responsible for introducing me to this wonderful form of poetry!).  If you want to know how to write an Epulaeryu, all you need to know is in the footnote of that item.

Spicy smells assail my nose.

But she's not limited to just the single form, nor to savoury dishes.  Check out this poem which leaves me longing for chocolate.

"Confessions of Chocoholic

That melting sweetness is waiting
to caress my tongue.
That double blast of cold energy
is waiting to quench my craving.

Do check out her work, and remember to give a review after reading (and salivating!).

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 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#1935408 by Not Available.

Mmm, I could wax poetic about this delicious drink that Karl has shared.  Yum! 

After two weeks, remove the pitcher from the freezer, stir one final time, and then pour the contents through a strainer or coffee filter into another pitcher. This will remove the particles of lemon and lime zest, leaving a smooth, fruity lemonade with one heck of a kick.

And now for something new!

Image for use in Elle's Kitchen Newsletters

Dodgy Steve is a qualified, experienced baker, who has worked in and managed commercial bakeries.  He also has an insight into other aspects of food as his father and brother are both chefs.  He has offered his services as a professional if anyone has questions about food, baking or the life of a professional baker or chef. 

Perhaps your character gets a job in a restaurant.  Is it really Gordon Ramsay-style theatrics or does political correctness reign in a commercial kitchen?  Perhaps your clumsy character bumps into the wedding cake, putting a big dent in it.  An emergency repair is quickly seen to, but...how?  What do they do to fix a dent in a wedding cake?  Knowing this might give your story the edge!

Or perhaps it's not writing-related and you just don't understand why your scones and muffins are always tough and chewy!  *Laugh*  Ask Steve.  Send your queries in to me, and I'll share both questions and answers in these newsletters, so we can all learn together.  If you'd rather not have your query shared, we can call you 'anonymous' or he can answer you by email, so don't hesitate to ask.

In the meantime, here's a guide Steve wrote to icing a cake with white icing (also known as royal icing, similar to rolled fondant).

 How To Ice A Cake With White Icing  (E)
Lessons from a baker...
#1934235 by Dodgy Steve

Thanks for joining me in Elle's Kitchen.  If you would like to suggest an item for inclusion in a future newsletter, a topic for me to investigate and discuss, or if you'd like to be a guest editor for an edition, please let me know here: "Elle's Kitchen Newsletter Suggestions.

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