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All you need to know to submit to the 2018 WdC Anthology- DEADLINE 7-31-18

Welcome to the highly anticipated 2018 Writing.Com Anthology Information page.

Due to the high number of ongoing requests from WdC members since our last Anthology, we at Wynwidyn Press will be creating a
2018 Writing.Com Anthology.

For the purposes of this book, no piece submitted may be above a 18+ rating on site. All pieces MUST be part of your portfolio and must remain there as we will be providing bitems in the anthology along with your user name so folks can find you and your work on Writing.Com!

All submissions must be accompanied by a 10,000 gp donation which will be split between Random Acts of Kindness and The Angel Army here at WdC which they then use to benefit WdC members. Nice way to give back to the community we all know and love. Don't have 10k gps? You can buy them, earn them or win them. How? Entering and winning contests, reviewing, reviewing and reviewing! One of THE best ways to enhance your own writing is to read and review the works of others!

You can enter poetry, short stories, articles or prose as long as they fit the following parameters:

Poetry is limited to 40 lines of poetry.
Prose/short story category is limited to 2000 words.

Word/line count must be provided and will be verified.

We want to be able to showcase your best work! As long as you have worked on/revised/edited the piece in the last two years and it was not previously accepted to one of the anthologies, it is acceptable for submission.

DO BE SURE that your individual pieces are edited. Double check them. We will assume that submitted pieces are publication ready!

You have the option to submit as many pieces as you chose (each with a 10k donation,) but be advised, a maximum of 2 - TWO pieces may be accepted for the anthology. This will allow you a greater chance of having a piece or two accepted as well as a greater number of different writers to be accepted.

This is NOT a vanity operation. All the pieces submitted will not be accepted. In the previous three anthologies, the acceptance margin was roughly 40%. You DO NOT EVER HAVE to order copies to be included should your piece/s be accepted. We want the best of the WdC writers work to showcase! In keeping with this high level of expectation, all entries will be judged by a panel of WdC Judges.

DEADLINE for submission of work is July 31, 2018; 11:59 pm WDC time.

Link to Submission page:
2018 WDC Anthology Item Submission Form  (E)
For WDC authors to submit items for consideration
#1876216 by fyn

We anticipate this year's Anthology to be 5.5 x 8.5 in in size and we are allowing for a maximum of 240 pages. The anthologies will cost
$16.95 USd plus shipping and handling for soft cover. We are opting for a smaller over-all size in the interests of saving money on cost (allowing for a greater donation (all profit over costs) from Wynwidyn Press to RAOK and Angel Army) as well as keeping postal costs as inexpensive as possible as overseas shipping can be very expensive.

As in past years, there will be a number of Editor's Picks as well as two Publisher's Picks.

We look forward to putting together this anthology as it is our way of giving back to the WDC community!

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