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Rated: 18+ · Other · Crime/Gangster · #1936053
Demons detective and death
My new shades

Chapter one

The rain falls heavily on the roof the smell of death and rust is on the breeze John is standing above the newest victim 22 year old Clare Dawson he lights another cigarette he knows they will kill him doesn't care we all have to meet our maker one day and is weary of his job it was only a year ago this nightmare began the things he's faced and seen Christ. Rachel is talking the demon tried to pull through her John. I know that rach John touches the cross on his sleeve no point trying to do the spell here to fresh.

Across the road the fallen watches he has a plan to finally catch johns soul and it involves a innocent little girl he smiles be seeing you John
John turns quickly stares exactly where the fallen was runs over there's a small bit of sulphur and can spell brimstone don't like it rach something was here
John begins to chant a summoning spell to reveal what had been there he feels a hand on his arm turns to look its Rachel she says not here John to many witnesses

Amanda Owens was just your typical teenager at this moment arguing with her mum and dad trying to sort out a sleepover. We're old enough to look after our self mum your not and you know it. All Amanda's friends have dared her to buy a ouija board she finds one on eBay and buys it. The seller agrees to meet Amanda and show her How to use the ouija board the fallen appears to Amanda like one of the creepy boys at her school he cuts her hand and draws the seal with her blood locking him into the ouija board she wakes up at home with no recollection of meeting him

The night of the sleepover came everyone was excited there was three guys and three girls including Amanda. The rain was really coming down outside it made the situation more scary so Amanda said lets do the ouija board know then

Chapter 2

John was sat behind his desk looking at his open crimes on his desk since he joined the p.c.u he was finding harder to close cases its hard to arrest a demon that just buggers off to hell when it's finished or a zombie that decomposes. The file that was open know though was the one that was stopping him from calling it a day a soldier demon had been trying unsuccessfully to cross over onto our plain he'd killed 11 virgins so far boys and girls and we were no closer to catching him. John was going to try a crossover but they were risky and he needed fresh eyes on the case also if he passed in to he'll there was a lot of knights down there who wouldn't mind a piece of John. John turned out the lights in his office the walk home would give him time to think.

Amanda sat at the head of the ouija board with the boys on one side and the girls on the other they all had a finger on the glass
Our there any spirits here the glass moves to yes. The wind picks up suddenly a massive thunder clap Beth jumps. Amanda calms everyone's nerves lets ask a question ? Luke feels someone blowing on his neck jumps up the lights begin to flicker they all stand up know . They can hear chanting then Amanda screams I can't see anything help me help me Beth faints Luke grabs Amanda turns her towards him blood is running from her eyes. Amanda's parents come running in her mums screams her dad turns the lights on on the wall in Amanda's blood has been written you our all dammed, John Connolly is your only salvation and run as fast as you can, the fallen laughs at his plan John will help her then when John can now longer take the visions that the fallen has given Amanda he will die and go to hell.

John unlocks his front doorbell feels a sudden chill ducks and rolls in there is a woman with the demon inside her so you our the detective Tonight I will feast on your insides John is already calling his heavenly fire spell when he goes flying into the wall. He drops the vase it breaks crap know what he brings the gun up prays for a shot the demon smiles you'll kill the girl John and then you will be dammed. John smiles and pulls the trigger hits the demon in the temple he bursts into flames and is gone but the girl is fine no marks or bruises. The bullets our a melted cross blessed by the pope he'd never used them before. His phone rings he doesn't answer just goes upstairs and throws up.

Chapter 3

Amanda's dad Elric is ringing the only John Connolly in the phone book no answer he's sent all the kids home. Amanda is burning up and keeps seeing shadows on the walls. What do we do know ? Elric rings 911 I need help my daughter was attacked he explains about the ouija board and the messages when he says John Connolly the dispatcher says detective John Connolly Elric is puzzled I don't know can you get him down here. The dispatcher says yes it sound right up his alley. Amanda's is looking at her mum and dad and she can see all the sins they've committed and the hate around the house it hurts

Johns phone rings again he flushes down the drain sits on the bathroom floor head in his hands thinking sooner or later one of them our gonna catch me and I won't be able to stop them. Next second he hears broken glass . Rachel walks in sees the damage starts to shout John. Christ John you up there John is on the stairs with a gun pointed at Rachel sorry Rachel you know the drill holy water steel knife . Rachel completes them what the hell happened John. The demon was here I killed it the victim he was in is asleep on my couch what our you doing here? We had a call John 911 a little girl playing with a ouija board and blood coming from her eyes oh and your mentioned by name

Two uniformed police officers arrive at the house there talking to Elric when Amanda begins to scream look at his face what our you. The one she's talking about Stairs at her then snaps his partners neck I'm here to make sure the plan is followed know let's wait for the magician. The demon breaks Eric's legs forces Amanda's mum Jessica up onto the roof gags her and begins to smile Amanda's is tied to a chair the demon is showing her his kills her physche has nearly cracked

Chapter 4

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