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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Supernatural · #1936329
A young girl loses her beloved Grandpa WARNING contains Human/Anthro Romance
It started quite innocently Kitty Crane a young Human/Cat Humanimal hybrid had turned twelve years old, as a special treat her parents Human Man Ichabod Crane and Cat Woman Marzipan Crane (Nee Cheshire) had decided now was the year that Kitty could attend the Big Beastly Ball the greatest ball for all Humans, Humanimals and Extra Terrestrials this side of Planet Earth

Kitty went with six friends her cousin Soul (Human/Zebra Humanimal Hybrid), Andromeda and Maddy (Both Turtle Humanimal/Dragon Humanimal hybrids but since they're both their Mothers were Dragons, only the Dragon side showed), Garuda (Ave (Bird Alien)/Pygmy Dragon Humanimal Hybrid) , Amalthia, (Ave/Unicorn Humanimal Hybrid) and of course Dear Little Lily (Pure Red Squirrel Humanimal)

What made Kitty's heart pitter, patter was not the thought of dancing, or boys or the rich food and drink that was going to be served but the fact that her Paternal Grandpa, Professor Jonathan Crane was going to be there, she hadn't spoken with him in such a long time, she wanted to tell him everything she had learned in the past three years and wanted to hear about everything he had been doing.

When they got to the Ball, all six of the friends separated, Kitty wasted no time in locating her Grandpa, he was at the Feast Hall, sipping a glass of red wine with the other senior citizens

"Oh Grandpa!" Kitty exclaimed "I'm so glad to see you!" She hugged Jonathan for all she was worth

"I'm glad to see you to Kitty." Jonathan chuckled used to her over exuberance

"Grandpa!" Kitty said breathlessly "There is so much I want to talk to about! All the things I've done and seen..."

"Yes, yes." Jonathan said "They'll be plenty of time for that later."

"Later?" Kitty did not know what he meant

"Kitty." Jonathan said "It's your birthday, you surely don't want to spend your twelfth birthday hanging around an old codger like me, you should spend it with people your own age."

"But Grandpa..." Kitty started to say

"Please." Jonathan said "The night is young, go off and find some nice boys to dance with."

Kitty was reluctant, Grandpa didn't seem angry or upset, it didn't seem he wanted her out of his hair, he genuinely wanted her to make the most of her Birthday, so with that it mind, she did as he said.

She did spend a good time of the night dancing, she danced with a Cat Boy and a Fox Boy and a Weasel Boy and the odd Human Boy but all the while she was feeling anxious, she wanted to get back to Grandpa to talk to him.

After she finished her dance with the Human Boy she quickly decided she would go back to Grandpa, she had danced enough for her liking, now she wanted to be with Grandpa.

She raced back to the Feast Hall as fast as her legs could carry her, when she got there she noticed a crowd of people huddled together, and people in paramedic uniforms.

Paramedic uniforms?

This could not be good.

Kitty looked all around looking for Jonathan, finally she bumped into one of the paramedics.

"Please Sir!" She exclaimed "Do you know where my Grandpa, Jonathan Crane is?"

"I'm sorry." The paramedic said "But he is dead."

Kitty wanted to cry out, but no words escaped her mouth, just a silent gasp

"I'm very sorry." The paramedic said "I know this must be hard for you."

Kitty turned her head and saw Jonathan's corpse being wheeled out on a stretcher

"No! No!" She cried, he mind mad with grief, she raced over to her Grandpa's corpse, and threw herself on it, weeping into his chest.

"Grandpa!" She cried "There were so many things I wanted to tell you! So many things I wanted to say!"

She then cried her heart out, eventually though they had to wheel, Jonathan's corpse out of the building.

Kitty sat in a corner, surrounded by her friends who upon hearing what had happened, raced to Kitty to be there for her in her hour of need.

Bu no matter what they said or did, nothing could console Kitty, she felt utterly alone, despite the fact all her friends were with her.

Considering the amount of distress Kitty had gone through, the kindly paramedic called Kitty's parents to pick her up early.

Ichabod Crane upon hearing that his Dad was dead, and Kitty's reaction to it, needed no further prompting, quickly with his wife Marzipan jumped into the car and sped off.

When they finally arrived, the other girls parents were there too, they said told Ichabod and Marzipan, that the other girls wanted to come home as well, because if Kitty wasn't happy on her birthday, they wouldn't be happy either for Kitty.

The car ride home was silent, neither Ichabod nor Marzipan could think of anything to say at the moment, that could possibly make Kitty feel better, Kitty, all worn out from crying, quickly fell asleep in the back seat of the car

Ichabod carried his sleeping daughter too bed, he kissed her forehead "Oh Kitty." He whispered "Feel, better My Dearest." He walked off deep in thought, reflecting on the fact his Dad was now dead.
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