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A young lady's life is changed forever when she's attacked by an animal while camping.
Book 1- Mystery (to start)

                             PART 1

         Chapter One
         Tabitha wakes up in the hospital, having been attacked. She'd been camping with several friends. Most of the teens die before arriving to the hospital. Tabitha survives along with one other. She doesn't remember a lot. She's greeted by family. Questioned by cops. Tabitha doesn't know it, but she's been attacked by a werewolf. Terrible nightmares start the first night.

                   1. Tabitha wakes up in the hospital. Spends several hours disoriented. These hours feel like mere moments. Because she is cursed by the werewolf, her wounds heal faster. She won’t be aware of this for a while, however. Her body is numb, so she doesn’t become aware of her injuries until later.

                   2. The nurse walks into Tabitha’s room. Tabitha isn’t moving much and can’t make her mouth create words, so the nurse does not realize she is awake and goes about her regular business of checking her vitals. Finally, Tabitha musters the strength to reach out toward the lady, barely brushing her uniform. Shocked by this, the nurse shrieks and runs out of the room.

                   3. For an unknown amount of time (because Tabitha’s conscious is still fuzzy), Tabitha is alone in her room again. Tabitha slips out of consciousness again.

                   4. She’s woken up by a familiar voice. It’s her doctor-- her father. He wakes her gently.
                   What is the setting exactly?
                             Hospital Room.
                             Small town, Nebraska.
                             Late spring, right after finals weeks.
                   They talk for a while. A long while. He checks over her wounds.
                   What are the extent of her wounds?

                   He explains what happens. He explains the attack and the deaths.
                   Who died?--
                             Everyone but Tabitha and Jarred
                   How many?
                             Jared’s girlfriend.
                             Socialite girl
                             Socialite’s boyfriend.

                   5. Tabitha breaks down for a good long while. She can’t remember anything about the night of the attack. She’s distraught that her friends are dead. Greg does his best to comfort her.

                   6. More out of ritual than anything else, Tabitha’s mom comes to visit her in the hospital. She’s already been informed that Tabitha is to be waking up. She knows that Tabitha has been affected by magic, but says nothing yet.

                   7. Tabitha’s mom talks more about current event than anything. She tries her best to keep Tabitha’s spirits up, knowing that she’s going through a lot.

                   8. Soon it is getting late and Tabitha is exhausted. Tabitha’s mom leaves and Tabitha goes to sleep.

                   9. She has a terrible nightmare.

         Chapter Two
         Tabitha is released. Talks to Jared before she leaves the hospital. Goes back to her apartment. Tabitha lives in a single bedroom apartment with a roommate (her best friend)-- incredibly packed. Heavily depressed by her accident and the deaths. Friend gets to work on soothing her. Symptoms technically start now, but she doesn't realize them. She'll call her boss tomorrow and find out that he's gonna give her the next week off for R and R.

                   1. Tabitha is informed ahead of time that she’ll be checking out today. She wakes up in the mid-morning and dresses in her regular clothes (provided by her parents).
                   What procedures are done when a patient leaves the hospital?

                   2. Bridgette is late to pick up Tabitha, so she goes back inside. She goes to speak with Jared, he is far more damaged than her. He also has no memory of what happened the night of the attack.

                   3. Finally, Bridgette shows up in an old sudan. Tabitha is taken to their small two bedroom house/apartment. I wanna say apartment. (Decide neighbors for Tabitha and Bridgette)

                   4. Tabitha gets settled into the apartment.

                   5. Bridgette gives Tabitha her side of what happened that night.

                   6. Tabitha goes to bed.

         Chapter Three
         Sean shows up at Tabitha’s door to do more of an investigation.

                   1. Tabitha wakes up... early or late? After Bridgette has already left for work. So, late. Thinking of work, Tabitha calls to get her part of the schedule. Her boss gives her the week off, knowing her condition.

                   2. Gets really bored, so she starts cleaning up the apartment, which Bridgette has trashed while she was away. She makes herself lunch.

                   3. There’s a knock on the door. Investigator, Sean (something) is at the door with his partner; a female who I’ve yet to determine the dynamics of... They ask to come inside and ask Tabitha a few questions about her incident. Once they are done, they leave.

                   4. Again, Tabitha is alone... she misses her boyfriend, so she sends him a text, even though she knows he’s at work.

                   5. Once Adam is off work, she receives a call from him. He sounds panicked. He informs her that he’ll be over in a minute. Apparently, no one had informed him that Tabitha was alright. They spend the night together.

                   6. Adam talks about finding Tabitha half dead. He makes the event all about himself. Tabitha doesn’t mind though, she needed to be distracted.

         Chapter Four
         Visits Jared. They talk about their situation. Jared starts sounding odd now, but Tabitha doesn't think too much about it.
Tabitha is stolen away by her sister, Regina.

                   1. When Tabitha wakes this morning, she is receiving a call from his sister, who is infuriated that she never got a call from her, to be informed she was alright. Tabitha starts to realize that she might need to start telling people this.

                   2. Regina comes over and steals Tabitha away for the day. She takes her out to eat. Then plans to take her out other places. Think of summery stuffs.

                   3. Regina informs Tabitha that Jared has been released from the hospital. Tabitha takes note and makes plans to go visit him when she can.

                   4. Adam spends the night again. He promises her an extravagant night out, a date.

         Chapter Five
         Tabitha tries to get into contact with Jared. Tabitha goes on a date with her boyfriend. They end up having sex.

                   1. Tabitha experiences weird symptoms again today.

                   2. She decides to try and get ahold of Jared. She thinks whatever is wrong with her now is probably resulted from the animal attack they experiences.

                   3. Jared doesn’t answer his door. After snooping around, Tabitha decides to head back to her place to get ready for her date.

                   4. Adam gets off at 5 so that Tabitha and him can go on their date.

                   5. They go to dinner and a movie?... Dinner and some activity.

                   6. When they get back to the apartment, Adam and Tabitha have sex and he sleeps over again. Tabitha begins to wonder if he’ll ever go home.
                             Have they had sex before? I’mma say no.
                             A result of Tabitha’s animal nature coming out.

         Chapter Six
         Tabitha goes and visits her parents. It’s a Saturday, so her younger siblings will not be at school.

                   1. Tabitha wakes up and takes a really long shower. For some reason she feels dirty for the events that transpired the night before.

                   2. After she is done with the shower, she collects a few things and goes to visit her parents.

                   3. Because her father is super busy as a doctor, he’s not home. However, her mom and younger siblings are there.

                   4. Immediately after arriving, Tabitha gets to work helping her mother bake. The kids are in and out and not really present.

                   5. Tabitha’s mother starts questioning Tabitha about how she’s been lately. Tabitha feels like she’s being interrogated.

                   6. Tabitha’s mother also informs Tabitha about the memorial service for the teens who died in the animal attack. She allows Tabitha to make her own decision on whether she’d like to attend or not.

                   7. Before Tabitha can dwell on the idea of her friends’ deaths, Tabitha’s mom volunteers Tabitha to help her with a few of her community events she is participating in.

                   8. After much talking, Tabitha does home.

         Chapter Seven
         Tabitha has a scare in the middle of the night?
         It being a Saturday night, there is a party going on... Does Tabitha attend?
                   How about she tries to go and stay... but because of the high energy in the place, she gets flustered and has to leave.

                   1. When Tabitha arrives home, Adam’s truck is already there. Inside, Adam is lounging on the couch. Bridgette is in the bathroom getting ready.

                   2. Adam immediately goes to Tabitha. He’s being super clingy. He asks about how her parent’s house was. Adam tells her about the party they are going to attend. Tabitha decides to go.

                   3. Tabitha goes to the bathroom and find Bridgette there putting on far too much make-up. Still being beat up from the attack, Tabitha finds it a lost cause to try dolling herself up. She puts on something nice and leaves it at that.

                   4. They all leave in Adam’s truck.

                   5. The party is super busy. Lots of noise, lots of people, lots of action. Tabitha gets overwhelmed quickly. She spends most of her time out on the porch in the open air, trying to remain calm.

                   6. Tabitha meets Josh.
                             Can Josh sense the animal in her?

         Chapter Eight
         Tabitha attends funeral(s) of her dead friends. How soon do funerals occur after death? Very emotional experience. Sees other survivor. He doesn't want to speak with her. Seems edgy. Seems fishy. Symptoms are noticeable, but not a concern.


         Chapter Nine
         All next day is spent moping at home. Regina finds out and steals Tabitha away... to do something... Regina starts to piss Tabitha off. Regina doesn’t approve of her boyfriend. They get into a fight over it. Tabitha is unusually short tempered and irritable. Regina is catching on to what is happening to Tabitha.
         Tabitha spends all of the next day moping. Nothing happens, she doesn’t leave the house, she doesn’t do anything. She just doesn’t exist. The death of her friends is finally starting to hit her. Because she’d been making herself so busy the last few days, she’d not been able to properly cope. Now she is breaking down.
         Because of her heightened emotional state, she has a bad episode... Maybe she attacks Bridgette? This leads to Bridgette thinking that Tabitha knows about what she did with Adam (cheated).
         After that day passes.... Bridgette asks super scared of Tabitha. Tabitha has no memory of what happened. After the animal took control, she blacked out, so she is confused by Bridgettes attitude. Tabitha quickly learns about the events of the night before. Bridgette also hints at what she did with Adam the night of the attack.

         Chapter Ten
         Tabitha goes back to work for the first time. She has a hard time getting back into the rhythm of things. Because of strange symptoms, Tabitha thinks she's pregnant. She takes a test after work. It's negative of course. ← Add to a different chapter.

         Chapter Eleven
         After two weeks, return appointment at the doctors. Greg is marvelled by the rate her wounds are healing. They discuss her symptoms. Greg seems dumb-founded.

         Chapter Twelve
         Tabitha finally discovers that Adam has been cheating on her with Bridgette, she runs away. Wherever she runs to is where she meets Josh for the not-so first time. He says she looks familiar. They must have met at a party sometime. That night Tabitha has a terrible dream. They're getting progressively worse.

         Chapter Thirteen
         Tabitha has Bridgette move out. After work, Tabitha is feeling off and lonely, so she tries to get ahold of the other survivor, but he evades her. So she goes to his house. She watches him undergo his first transformation. The monster he becomes attacks her. He fights him off with unknown strength. He runs away and Tabitha watches her wounds heal abnormally fast. The neighbors call the police and Tabitha is questioned.

         Chapter Fourteen
         Tabitha is freaking out about what happened to the other survivor. She doesn't know who to talk to, all of her family and friends have abandoned her, she feels. So she calls Josh. Josh prevents her from turning once again.

                   Before Josh can help Tabitha, Tabitha turns for the first time. Unsure of what happens while Tabitha is in animal form for the first time.

                   Possibly, Tabitha kills a person. Tabitha is being hunted.

                   Possibly, Josh is able to find Tabi before she does any harm.

                   Either way, Tabi ends up at Josh's house.

                             PART 2

         Chapter Fifteen
         Tabitha wakes up in Josh's home.

         Josh helps Tabi control her animal side.
                   Should Regina be aware of Tabitha's first change? Would her parents? No one knew she'd been infected. So it depends on where she turns for the first time.
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