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Two old lovers find a way to be together.
                   "A Cosmic Pledge"

Absence, years of interference due to distance,
splintered romantic hope into frail fragments;
good intentions faded, feeble attempts to regularly re-unite.
So, we said.

Resolve, snuggled comfortably in your breast pocket,
was a hushed promise secretly stored there
near your heart's ceaseless humming for me.
Thus, you declared.

Silence, a registered reality of deafening decibels,
evoked speculations and questions.
Have I become a faint memory? A blur in your periphery?
Am I nearly erased?
Blinked away from those infinite stars in your heart's eye?
Which, I asked.

Abstractions, an obscured belief we'd never drift apart,
distracted and confused our romance.
Are we now only modest notions of few past pleasures?
Therefore, you pondered.

Specter, a mere wraith of my existence on your pillow,
taunting with elusive light and shadow to disturb your conscience.
Is this what I have become to assuage?
That, I lamented.

Resonance, vibrations of our cosmic appeals,
rang an idea to enrich, enhance, and exhilarate
over the unbearable miles and years between encounters.
We shall send wafts of sweet dreams to awaken and stir spirit,
quicken heartbeats to each a throbbing pulse,
and amend the proximity of our devotion.
This, we pledged.

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