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Two cousins explore a basement laboratory only to face grim consequences. Transformation
[This story was written during a quick chat-RP, so please don't be too judgmental of it's quality/structure]

Evan:14 years old
Ryan: 16 years old
Relationship: Cousins
Setting: Ryan's house

Summery: Evan is visiting Ryan's house while their parents are away.

Ryan: *Watches Evan stare at the TV with a bored expression*
("Hmm... what could we do?") I wondered to myself what would be the best way to entertain the younger boy.
That was when it hit me.
"Hey Evan, want to see something cool?" I asked casually.

Evan: I don't even look away from the TV as I respond to my cousin. "Depends. What is it?" I ask him lazily.

Ryan: "My parents have a lab downstairs in the basement, I'm sure it would be 10x more interesting than watching TV"
I cross my fingers, hoping the younger teen takes the bait.
Deep down, I too have wanted to see what they've been developing down there, I just never had a good excuse.

Evan: I raise my eyebrows, and look over at Ryan. "A lab? That's kind of cool. I wonder what they could be developing down there. It could be anything! We should check it out!" I jump from my chair, my interest obviously piqued.

Ryan: Smirking at Evan's excitement, I stand up and start to walk him down the hallway. Closely behind me I could hear the younger teen's excited footsteps.
"Here it is..." I stop at the large metal basement door.

Evan: I look at the large, imposing door in anticipation. It's like something out of a movie. "Open it Ryan! I want to see what's in there!" I look over at my older cousin, eyes wide with excitement

Ryan: I rest my hands on the sides of the fidgeting 14 year olds head.
"Alright look, I'll let you inside, but you need to PROMISE me you won't go touching anything...."
"My parents will will have my head if something breaks, got it?"

Evan: I look Ryan square in the eyes. "Sure, I PROMISE I won't touch anything!" I smile innocently. Of course, I had my fingers crossed behind my back the whole time.

Ryan: Feeling a little uneasy about whether or not my words got through to him, I decide to open the door regardless. After all, how much damage could the kid possibly do?
I slowly grab the handle and pull the heavy door open
The dark staircase looks somewhat ominous.
"Alright...just stick behind me.."
I slowly begin to walk down.

Evan: I nod, and follow behind Ryan as he slowly trods down the stairs. I roll my eyes, he's going SO slow! I fidget, but there's no way to pass him on this narrow staircase, so I have no choice but to follow behind. Finally, we make it down. "Whoah!" I gasp as I see the beacons, and testubes, and an assortment of strange machines neatly organized around the basement lab.

Ryan: After reaching the bottom, I turn my attention to Evan who looks like he's about to explode with excitement.
*sigh* "Alright, remember what I told you... you can LOOK. That's all..."
I begin to walk over to one of the many testubes across a long narrow counter near the back.
"What kinda formulas are these anyways?..."

Evan: I dart around the lab, looking at all the strange gadgets, and chemicals boiling away. "You never told me how crazy your parents were with this kind of stuff Ryan!" I give him a playful look as we walk around. Out of the corner of my eye, a green flashing light catches my eye. I turn, and on a table near the back of the basement, is a strange looking gun, like something out of a cheesy sci-fi. "Woah, that's pretty cool...what does it do?" I carelessly pick it up, forgetting about my "promise"

Ryan: Still focusing my attention on the multi-colored testubes I answer. "Yeah, supposedly my dad's been working on a really important project recently. He's been making it out to be a pretty big deal."
I continue to walk across the counter, deciding that watching the young boy run around wildly would just make me dizzy.

Evan: I turn the strange gun over in my hands, trying to figure out it's purpose. It almost looks like a toy. I even press the trigger a few times. "That's so lame, nothing is happening!" I whack the stupid gun a few times, out of frustration, and carelessly toss it back on the table, my attention already taken by a frothing testube two tables down.

Ryan: Finally deciding to move on, I begin walking over to a large table behind me. On it was a few of my father's notes. "Hmm..... t-tra..tra.. what does this say? Why is his hand writing so terrible?"
Unknown to anyone, the small device that Evan had just tampered with was now lightly beeping. I start to pick up on the soft beeps, but am unaware of it's location.
I turn my head back and forth as a small green light at the base of the gun turns on. A white beam of energy shoots out of it's barrel, which just so happened to be aimed directly where I was standing. I suddenly feel a large shock as my vision goes white.

Evan: I don't even notice the flash of light, or the fact that the gun has now shot a beam at my own cousin. I'm too enthralled in the bubbling chemicals frothing over the top of a beacon. Finally, I look up and yawn. "OK, Ryan, this was cool, but I'm bored now. Let's get out of here." I don't hear a response, and I look around. "Ryan? Where'd you go? Hm, he must have gotten bored and left me here alone! Jerk!"

Ryan: "Nyuhh..ughhhh" Feeling very disoriented, I slowly start to process what just happened. "W-w...what was that?" I find that I'm now staring at the ceiling. "Wait ... what? W-where am I?!" I try to turn my head, but quickly find that it's nearly impossible. "E...evan?! W-where are you?!" The area around me finally starts to register in my mind. "Wait a minute.... Why am I laying on the floor?.." Everything from my perspective looked absolutely enormous. Nearby I notice a wooden pillar that I quickly realize is the leg of the desk I was just standing in front of. "b-but why can't I move?!" I'm still attempting to shift myself when I suddenly feel rhythmic vibrations across my entire form.

Evan: I trod across the lab, ready to head out. As I walk, looking down, I spot something on the ground that I was just about to step on. "What the heck?" I reach down, and pick it up. "Hey! A cookie! I bet Ryan dropped this!" My stomach growls, and I realize I haven't eaten lunch yet. I lick my lips, and look at the small chocolate chip treat. I open my mouth wide, and prepare to chomp down, but stop suddenly. "Hm, maybe I should clean it or something. The floor looks a little dusty." I quickly pocket the snack, and run upstairs to the kitchen. I grab some paper towel, and toss the cookie onto it. "One is never enough though, I wonder if he has more?" I scrounge through the cabinet, and smile, pulling out a whole box of the same chocolate chip cookies. I grab as many as I can hold in one hand
and dump them on the paper towel too. I grab my "lunch" and head into the living room, plop down, and turn the TV on.

Ryan: I shake as the vibrations get louder and louder. "w-What's going on?!" It was then that my view of the ceiling was completely obscured by what looked like the sole of an enormous socked foot. Not understanding what's going on, I cry out in fear is it slowly comes down over me. Just as it looked like it was about to crush me, the sole was suddenly pulled away. In it's place I now saw my younger cousin staring down at me. The once shorter boy now looked absolutely colossal. Before I even think to shout, Kyle starts to reach down towards me. I scream in terror as the boy's hand gets bigger and bigger the closer it gets. His enormous fingers are now somehow big enough to envelop my entire form. "W..!?!" I feel myself pulled up into the air like a rocket. I can only watch as the world around me plummets. What was now before me made my inner being tremble. The massive face of the 14 year old was now three inches away. I could do nothing but stare up at Evan's enormous features. "HEY A COOKIE!! I bet Ryan dropped this!" The light blush across the boy's cheeks seem to enhance as he smiled at me. "C-Cookie?? Evan!!! W-what happened!? DID YOU TOUCH SOMETHING!! DUDE! I TOLD YOU NO- " I stop as Evan's large moist tongue peaks out the side of his mouth, slowly sliding across his soft pink lips. "E-...evan?"
At that moment, I remembered something. My father had told me one evening about his development of a new device. The device was supposedly meant to be used by bakeries to increase cookie output. "No...." It all made sense. The perspective... Evan's size..." "...I'M... A COOKIE?!"
My heart skips a beat as the teen begins opening his mouth widely, pushing me towards it. "W-WAIT!! NO!! NOOOO!!! EVAN IT'S ME RYAN!!! I'M NOT A COOKIE!!! EVAN STOP!!!" I actually can smell a hint of apple juice as the shadow of his maw begins to cover me. I cry in anguish as drops of saliva drip onto my surface. Then.... Suddenly the light hits me again. Evan has for whatever reason pulled me back out. "Has he realized it's me?" I'm not answered as the giant 14 year old roughly crams me into his pocket. I feel myself pushed up against a few marbles and a paperclip. "EVAN!!!" I cried in the warm darkness.
After being pulled out of the boy's pocket again, I find myself being placed onto what looks like a giant white surface. I continue my desperate pleas, but the teen seems to have his attention elsewhere. I feel a wave of dread as Evan starts to drop massive chocolate chip cookies on top of me. "He's not......no... NO!! EVAN!!" "I'M NOT LIKE THESE COOKIES!" Evan walks into the living room and turns on the TV. I watch on in horror as the boy lifts one of the cookies that had just been piled on top of me and brings it up to his large, boyish face. *CHOMP*

Evan: I flip channels, the pile of cookies on my lap. I forget all about Ryan's mysterious disappearance as I find my favorite show is on, and it's NEW! My eyes are glued to the TV as I start to cram cookie after cookie into my mouth, chewing them absentmindedly, and swallowing.

Ryan: My blood runs cold as he chews away at the cookies which must have looked identical to me.
A loud gulp from his throat signals that I needed to get off this plate NOW.

Evan: With no thought to the immediate, and horrifying danger I'm subjecting my cousin to just by eating some snacks, I grab another chocolaty treat, and raise it to my open mouth, ready to stuff it in like all the rest. I stop for a second, and laugh as a funny moment of my show plays out. With a large smile still on my face, I open wide, and shove the whole thing into my mouth.

Ryan: I continue to squirm, but nothing I do makes any difference. It sinks in that I'm truly inanimate. My stomach shoots up to my throat as the shadow of Evan's hand now looms directly over me. "EVAN!!" Just like earlier, the 14 year old's hand grabs me by my sides. I feel myself slowly lifted up to kid's hungry face. There's nothing I could do but watch as Evan licks his lips of the chocolate remnants of the previous cookies he's eaten. The young teen had been shoveling the cookies in as if his stomach were a bottomless pit. He must have been starving. fear courses through me as his massive lips begin to slowly open. Gooey strands of the boy's saliva drape across the inside of his glistening mouth. The scent of chewed cookies hits me instantly. "NOOOOOO!" Evan's attention to the TV never wavers as he slowly begins to edge me closer into the dark wet cavern. A soft "aaaaahhh" emits from his throat as his gooey tongue wriggles with anticipation.

Evan: I place the entire cookie inside. My cheeks bulge with cookie and I let it sit there for a moment, my spit making it softer. Without even a thought, I chomp down, biting the cookie in half, one half on each side of my mouth. I quickly chew the cookie up, until I sense that my mouth is full of delicious cookie and chocolate mush. "Mmmmmmm" I hum to myself. That one had tasted even better than the rest. I wonder why...

Ryan: I cry out as the hungry boy pushes me in. I can actually feel the sides of his mouth as he attempts fit my entire form inside. I glance past his lips to the outside world one last time as they close. "EVAN!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" *DARKNESS* I panic as I feel myself starting to saturate with Evan's saliva. Drips upon drips of the enzymes pour across me until I'm thoroughly soaked. I couldn't believe this was happening. Only a few moments ago the boy had just been my little innocent cousin; now he was about to make me his snack. Had he just listened to me. Had he just taken me a little more seriously. "It can't end like this... I'M NOT A COOKIE! I'M A HU-"
I scream in pain as his molars come down on both sides of me, snapping me in half. "AHHGGHHH" The boy continues to chew, turning me into a large blob of wet cookie. "Nughh...uuhh.." my consciousness is slowly fading as I feel myself pulled into the back of his mouth

Evan: *GULP* I swallow down my mouthful of cookie, and happily pick up the next cookie. I chomp down, chew, and swallow, continuing this pattern, until my hand reaches for another cookie. Not able to feel any left on my plate, I look down disappointingly. "Awww, they always go so fast...." I frown. My show finishes, and I still haven't seen any traces of Ryan around. "Hmm, I wonder where he went?" I look around the house, calling out his name. "Ryan?" No response. Meanwhile, my tummy gurgled a bit, and I patted it. I shrugged, and decided he probably just went out with some friend or something. Getting myself a nice glass of cold milk, I decide to go play his X-box while he was away.
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