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by Gaby
Rated: E · Poetry · Satire · #1937193
A rhyming satire poem for official contest
Praise the Writer

*A poetic conversation between a reviewer and the writer*

Would you like a review
To help you with your writing task?
That would be most wonderful,
You know exactly what to ask.

Perhaps some help with grammar,
A plot hole here or there?
Yes, yes, please, show me,
I know you really care.

This is what I’ve got for you
So please let me know.
Ha! I knew you’d like it,
I told you it wasn’t slow.

I’m a bit concerned with this,
It may need some change.
I expected more than that,
An easy fix to rearrange.

Take a look at the following,
This part, indeed, is long.
Why are you so picky?
I don't see what's wrong.

What you have written here,
might need some serious work.
You told me that you liked it,
It’s only just a quirk.

Not sure how to explain this,
Your story just went south.
Truly, I have to disagree with you,
But I’ll try to watch my mouth.

Another thing I saw here,
You better just remove.
This is getting frustrating,
I honestly don’t approve.

The only way to help you,
Is to show you where you‘re wrong!
You are being ridiculous,
And taking way too long!

If you try to publish this,
surely, you'll be rejected.
Clearly, you are mistaken,
but what have I expected?

Line count: 40

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