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The Secret teachings+
            The province of Eastern Burgandy has a great lustere of vinyards.
      Rex was a young man and heir to a wealthy family of vinyard landlords.
      He could not comprehend poverty. How the poor allowed themselves to be
      so desolate. Rex would avail himself of the stories; his father's laborers would tell.
      And he was happy to avail himself of their lovely madens. It was acceptable for
      a young man like Rex to have a fling or two. Such was the easy life of Rex.

            One day, while enjoying some Burgandy with some maidens, Rex discovered
      an old book in his father's study. It had a mysterious title ~ "The Secret Teachings".
      Rex slowly turned the brittle pages. Books were curiousities. Most of everything was on
      computers. Many books had turned to dust after the great NEW WORLD INTERNET.
      But, Rex loved this page turner. It had many mysterious things to say that he had not
      seen on the internet. His madens grew tired and curled up on the couch and floor,
      while Rex read.

              "It is neither corporeal nor incorporeal.
              It is pure holy and bright and perfect in its symetry and imperishability.
              Not that is part of pefection or blessedness or divinity; it is much greater.
              It is beyound the world of time.
              It is the world that gives a world.
              It is quiet.
              It is silent.
              It is the first power.
              It is emptyness.
              It is she;
              The universal womb of thought and desire.
              She preceeds everything ..
              The first humanity is in her.
              She is the mother of all the living.
              Sophia is wisdom."

      Rex put down the book and poured more wine. He looked at his three maidens sleeping.
      "God is a woman?" he smirked and sipped. His manhood rose to this challenge.
      Rex mounted a maiden and poured his wine over her breast. How absurd a Goddess would be.
      Men made this world. Men made war and took what they wanted.
      Women serve men, because they are the weaker sex. The maiden looked fearfully at Rex.
      He had the strength to kill her and the wealth to escape the law.  Rex kissed the maiden gently
      and returned to the book and read aloud~

              "The spirit rises from the womb and falls in love.
                The world is illuminated in the eyes of the mother."

      A tear swelled in Rex. But, his father had taught him never to be weak.
      He picked the maiden up from the floor and held her suspended in his arms.
      He kissed her and let her gently down onto her feet.

              "You have vexed me my lady." Rex said with a laugh.

      The other maidens all laughed ..  "Let us see what mischief we can make."
      The three maids raised their goblets high and danced a circle about their master Rex.

      It was a good day.


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