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A poem about a vampire and their children
Come with me
Take my cold dead hand in yours
Don't be afraid child
I will heal all your wounds body and soul
You are divine, your blood is sacred to me

Though, I will only drink from those that are willing to die
Will you die for me?
To become eternally youthful, to never age, never become sick
Never die

The choice is yours
Do not take it for granted
You will not be offered this opportunity again in this lifetime.
Only the chosen will be a part of my family
You are now my child, as I am your Maker

I gave birth, to your death
My blood now, courses through your veins
You belong to me now, my love
My kin

Now you are a soulless, fiend
People will hate and fear you
You cold dead hand, will chill them to the bone
Though some braver souls, will be intrigued
by your youthfulness, quiet otherworldly demeanor, you pale pallor

You must ingest blood now ,my dear
If you don't not, it will weaken you, when the sun rises
You must avoid the sun, like the plague, sleep in your coffin, till nightfall
You will regain your strength when you rest
When you awaken, you will be hungry for one thing, and one thing only
The blood lust will consume, you until your craving is satiated
If you find a willing victim, then the blood will taste warm and rich
However some of the more brave victims will fight back
For these lucky souls, you can glamour them into agreeing to allow you to feed on them
Dispose of the body, in a are not used much by humans
Learn to blend into your environment , then no one will suspect a thing for centuries
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