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The Reaper's War.
What is life?
It is the walk towards death,
The ever present traveling
Of your existence into nothing.

Life is nothing more that an empty soda can,
It deceives you with it's false pretense of happiness, and then shows you the truth as you take hold of it.

It is light.
It contains nothing.
The can is empty.


What is life?
It is the journey to Non-existence.
The stepping stone to limbo.
It is the final destination
of 'destiny'

Life is like a balloon.
Life takes you up,
up Into the sky,
Preparing you for... What?

For the violent POP!
That is the end of your journey?
That is the end of you.

You implode and fall
to the ground,
All your working
and flying to the top,
Is meaningless.
Because you are falling.
Because you are dying.

Because everyone is

Death has already won.
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