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General information about the importance of water to our bodies
Waterized Wisdom

Water tastes differently from one area of the Country to another
It wets the tongue and throat with refreshing coolness and cannot be replaced
We drink it with food, with medicine, and often with nothing at all
Water is refreshing.  Water made from oxygen and nitrogen just is

Water is used for growing things all over the world
It is used for growing crops for food for people to eat
We use it to drench the thirst of our livestock and animals in the wild
Water is good for us.  Eighty percent of the human body is water

Water can be found in rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, seas, and places so very deep
It sits in puddles after the rain, and runs down streets during hurricanes
We need water for all living things, but use it to clean and to shave
Water is useful.  No living thing can do without it

Water is most often colorless but has been known to come in many shades
Columbus sailed the ocean blue and water in Georgia is often a very dark brown
We have learned to add chemicals to water to ensure that our teeth are healthy and sound
Water can be found all around.  Water can be found in the ground

Water is one of life’s most essential elements
There are 100 plus trace elements in most living things, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus
Hydrogen and oxygen, bound as water, play one of the most essential roles
We can only survive three days without water although some have gone more
Water provides for our cells.  We can live longer without food than water

The human body can’t survive without water
So drink up a minimum of eight glasses a day
And remember that is the healthy way to waterize
Waterizing during work, before play, and often every day keeps you healthy
Water, your healthiest drink of the day.

WON third place in the words of wisdom writing contest.
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