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Son of Poseidon the god of the seas slays the Kraken!
Long ago, in Ancient Greece on Mount Olympus, Perseus, son of the Sea God, Poseidon, was startled by Iris the rainbow goddess and messenger of the gods. "The Kraken awakens from it's slumber." she said, shivering. "Why are you shaking?" Percy asked. Iris immediately stopped, as if Percy was her master. "It's just that," She stopped like what she was saying would probably destroy her. "I can't do anything to help. I'm just a messenger, and I just make rainbows!" she yelped angrily. "Anyway, your father, Poseidon is getting angry because the Kraken is eating everyone in the sea, therefore no prayers! He's feeling a little lonely, Perseus. Abandoned. Zeus is getting angry, too. All of Poseidon's anger and complaining is making him go crazy! But the worse thing is Hades. Imagine sitting underground, with the dead whispering around the place, and then the Furies, Hades's torturers making everything loud with the whips and the screaming, then your'e brothers partly arguing and getting angry all on top of that!" Perseus stepped back, with a surprised look on his face and said,"Why must you talk like those more modern people down in the more suburban areas?" "Sorry," she admitted. "I've spent a few weeks down in the suburban areas as punishment from Zeus. I didn't deliver a message from him to Ares." Iris flew away, leaving a shower of gold and a rainbow trail behind her. Percy called Pegasus, a horse with wings, to take him to the seas. Sure enough, the seas were going wild! Lightning striking the horizon, and the earth shaking, with cracks and crevasses all around the ground. Perseus ordered Pegasus back to Mount Olympus, and he dove into the rough ocean waters. Underwater, everything seemed calm. A Blue-Ringed Octopus was lying on the ocean floor. Even though it was poisonous, Percy didn't worry because of his immortality from his father. Clown fishes, sea-snakes, sharks, and even a whale were wandering around, minding their business. But not the whale. It seemed to be scurrying away from something. Something big. Bigger than the whale. Suddenly, it stopped. Blood leaked out, and tentacles with their little suction cups, wrapped themselves around it. Sucking away all the blood, and strangling the whale at the same time, the tentacles came down. But so did the whale, revealing a giant head, with eyes the size of the whale, and teeth the size of it's mouth! Behold, the mighty Kraken! "Perseus." called a familiar voice. "Father." Percy replied. No response. Only a shimmering golden trident with a seashell on the . bottom of the handle. Perseus twirled the trident in the water, creating a whirlpool. The monster crept closer, but on it's own, not because the whirlpool, but on it's own. Percy did it stronger. The whirlpool got bigger, and the Kraken helplessly flew in, twirling continuously. Perseus stabbed the Kraken multiple times, but it didn't work. Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck the creature in the face, only to leave it stumbling on the ground. Another lightning bolt started it's descent. But this time it was thicker. Stronger. Which only made it slow down a little bit. Percy timed the final stab and he drove the trident into the creature's heart, as soon as the bolt struck. The ground opened up, and the Kraken fell through. Laughter echoed from beneath the ground, and the earth closed back up. Hades. He must have found the perfect opportunity to take in another monster for Tartarus. The waves calmed, the skies cleared, lightning no longer hit the horizon, and the earthquakes stopped. Perseus was praised by the gods and was named "A Legendary Hero".
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